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Cat Urine is probably one of the worst smells and worst staining agents. If you have never experienced entering a room polluted by cat pee’s stench, then you know the potency.

When you are dealing with feline urine or any urine for that matter there are 3 major parts of urine: urea (the sticky tacky part), the urochrome (the pigment or color part) and the uric acid (the cyrstals and salts). A lot of products will work on urea and urochrome, but the crystals will evaporate and smell again if they get wet — from rain or anything else….It takes an very special product to get rid of urine competely, (see link to look below). Urine Off makes bacteria and enzymes that eat Fats, Oils, Grease, strach, and Sugar. They spent a lot of time feeding very specfic bacteria all the components of urine until they had a product that coule eat it all the way to Black Light Clean (until all the residue was gone). Give them a try they truly have something very good.

Using the proper products can help eliminate hard-to-clean cat stains.

Ammonia, the strong-smelling component of feline urine, does not respond to regular household cleaners. To remove ammonia-based stains, use a neutralizing solution available in pet stores. Several applications may be necessary. A black light will make cat pee glow, helping you find stains or determine how well you have cleaned.

Of course, a great way to eliminate cat urination problems is to make sure you have enough litter boxes for your cat. Check out my litter box page to learn more: href=””>Floppy Cats’ Litter Box Page.

I have included some links to more webpages that talk about cat urine below, so if you are interested you can read more about it.

Good Luck with the Cat Pee…

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