Cat Treats with a Purpose from the Nutro Company

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Greenies Feline Pill Pockets Salmon 1.6oz

It doesn’t matter whether you have a blue lynx mitted ragdoll, a bicolor Ragdoll or any other type of Ragdoll, you probably know how difficult it can be to get them to take medications in tablet form. As soon as they hear the pop of the foil or the sound of the pill container they automatically know to make a run for it.

But Greenies Pill Pockets are the perfect answer to this problem and if the reviews are anything to go by your cats will not only love them, they won’t even realize they’re taking their medication.

These small cat snacks are designed to house any conventional veterinary prescribed tablet in the middle, and then you simply squeeze the end closed to seal in the tablet. The snacks are made of highly nutritious ingredients with probiotics for intestinal health, so it isn’t even like you’re feeding poor quality treats to your furry friends.

You can choose from chicken or salmon flavor, and buy just one pouch or make a saving on repeat deliveries if your Ragdoll requires long term medication. They are simply a stress-free way to make sure your best friend gets the medication he or she has been prescribed.

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