Cat Sitter II DVD Review

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Cat Sitter II DVD ReviewIf you read our review of the first Cat Sitter DVD – the original or volume 1, then you know these videos for cats are a big hit in our house.

Cat Sitter II DVD is great – and I am glad I got the trilogy set to keep it interesting for Charlie and Trigg.

This one has lots and lots of exotic birds and lots of nature sounds in the background – as you will hear on the YouTube videos – and really I think that’s the best way to “review” this product – is to watch Charlie watching the videos.

Charlie really like gerbils, hamsters and mice on his videos – so this one wasn’t as much as a hit for him.  Chiggy likes squirrels too – so I think this one is OK and could be great for kitties that love birdies.  You do have the option of asking for the birds’ names to be in the caption area – so you can sit and watch with your kitties.  In fact, it might be a great present for a friend that is a bird watcher and a cat owner!

You can buy the Cat Sitter II DVD on Amazon or buy the trilogy set.

I purchased the Cat Sitter II DVD in a trilogy set from Amazon.  Buying the product did not influence this post.


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