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Post Published on February 27, 2011 | Last Updated on February 27, 2011 by Jenny

SmartCat Ultimate Scratching PostCats love scratching and stretching on a durable scratching post. Don’t know what kind of scratching post to look for? No problem! Check out the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post made just for your kitty!

Stretching is good for our cats since it is designed for toning their muscles at the same time marking their own territories. Cats also scratch to "warm up" for some vigorous play session with their parents/owners.

Your cats will surely love this ultimate and durable scratching post from SmartCat that measures 32 inches high that can allow your dear feline to get a full stretch in a vertical position

SmartCat’s Ultimate Scratching Post can last for years since it is made out of fibrous woven sisal that naturally inspires and encourages your cats onto sisal cat scratching posts like this.
Tip: Place the post in a room where your cat spends a lot of time. Cats often like to stretch and scratch when they wake up from a nap.

SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post Features:

  • Durable post allows cats to get a full stretch
  • Made with fibrous, durable sisal that naturally inspires scratching
  • 32 inches high to allow cat to stretch vertically
  • Assembles easily with 2 included screws
  • Sturdy base eliminates tipping and wobbling
  • Neutrally toned to fit any room decor
Product Dimensions: 16 x 16 35 inches ; 30 pounds
Price: $50.61 – ships for FREE through’s Super Saver Shipping.

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