Cat Scratch Towers: Cat Power Tower

Post Published on January 6, 2012 | Last Updated on January 6, 2012 by Jenny

Cat Power Tower™You can always find a portion in every cat book that talks about teaching a cat how to exercise properly to obtain a good and active body.

As we all know, stretching can help cats tone their muscles while scratching assists them in marking their territory (which is common for cats).

The Cat Power Tower is one of the best sisal cat scratching posts offered on the market. In fact, the Cat Power Tower was recognized as "Best Product of the Year – Editor’s Choice 2011" by the Cat Fancy Magazine and Pet Age Magazine. Plus it earned a 5-paw approval rating for its multi-level features.

Cat Power Tower™This cat product is truly exceptional for it just not only gets your cat into stretching and scratching but also into hunting, playing, climbing and lounging as well! Keep your cat mentally and physically active with the Cat Power Tower.

To purchase the Cat Power Tower for $399.95, visit

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