Cat Scratch Post Designs

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You may have often wondered, “Why does my cat scratch?”  Scratching is an integral part of a cat’s behavior. It helps to sharpen and condition your kitty’s claws. It also aids in new nail growth by removing the loose part of the nail sheath that covers the growing nail.

There are various cat scratch post designs that are available depending on your budget (or you can always build a cat scratch post). The very popular design includes one that is known as the “cat tree”. Cat climbing tree furniture has platforms at varying heights, all linked and sometimes it will even look like a tree.

Cats love climbing trees and this type of scratching post will give your kitty the ideal opportunity to climb trees as well as scratch their nails. You can rub catnip on these trees to persuade your cat to use this furniture.

You can also build a cat scratch post by yourself instead of buying those expensive ones. All you would require is some wood and rope.

Take a piece of wood, which is not too small, preferably 30-40 inches tall and 5-7 inches in diameter. You can wrap sisal rope on it using glue. Take care to nail the beginning and end of the rope to make it strong. Use plywood to make the base sturdy.

Prop this against a wall and use catnip on it, to make your cat accept it in an enthusiastic manner. This cat post will save all your furniture and curtains from any further damage.

Here is Charlie and Trigg’s favorite scratching post by Top Cat Products:

Vinyl Base Post
Vinyl Base Post $49.50

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