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There are so many different kinds of cat scratchers, and for good reason. Cats have a drive to scratch and it satisfies physical and emotional needs. Often, cat owners will try to correct the behavior without providing anything appropriate for the kitty to scratch, and that is usually unsuccessful. Cats need to scratch in order to shed their nails and keep them sharp, and also to scent an area and mark their territory. Rather than chancing your cat scratching up your furniture, carpet, or woodwork, invest in a few different scratchers to see which ones he likes the most.

There are many styles, sizes and materials. Many are modern cat scratchers that look great in your house, and many double as beds or cat loungers. Some are taller for your cat to stretch and scratch with. Corrugated cardboard scratchers are some of the most popular, because cats love to scratch on cardboard. They are also lightweight and can be recycled when your cat is done with them. Sisal, which is a tough natural fiber, is another popular choice for cat scratching posts. It is tough and durable, but satisfying for your kitty. It is important to choose a scratching post that is well constructed and sturdy so that your cat feels secure scratching it.

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