Cat Products We’re Currently Reviewing

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Cat Products We’re Currently Reviewing

Did you know that when we receive a product to review, we first post an unboxing/arrival video on our YouTube channel?  You can be the first to see the products we’re reviewing by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Here is a quick run down of products were are currently reviewing as well as their arrival/unboxing videos. I would love to know if you have questions or concerns about the products that we can address in the reviews.

You can see all of our product reviews here.

  1. Next Week: Peach Pet Lounger
  2. Westminister Weazel Ball
  3. Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover
  4. Kitty Hooch Cat Catnip Toys 
  5. Alpaca Cat Balls with Catnip from Sugarboys on Etsy 

Are there any products you are interested in us reviewing?

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  1. All of the products are GREAT! My girls have the Peach loungers and Tiger Teasers and they love, love, love them. The Peach loungers are so wonderful because they are light and you can carry them from place to place with literally a couple fingers. Just washed one of the covers and it came through the wash just fine and still looks brand new. Didn’t put it in the dryer and let it air dry. The tiger teasers are great. Illaria especially loves playing under the covers with the tiger teasers and really gets super enjoyment with them.

    The Kitty Hooch looks wonderful as do the alpaca balls. Both are already on our wish list for future purchases.

    Have the same concerns you do, Jenny, about the dye in the feathers.

    Thanks so much for the great videos!

  2. Awesome videos for what appears to be some pretty awesome products! Can’t wait for the final product review on these items!! Good job, Jenny!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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