Cat Product Staples in Floppycats’ House

Post Published on March 24, 2016 | Last Updated on April 1, 2021 by Jenny

Cat Product Staples in Floppycats’ House

I just finished placing a cat food order online, and it made me think to include what I have to order or get on a monthly (or sometimes every few months) basis for my cats.

I wanted to share the staple items in our home and ask you want yours are. By “staples”, I mean products that you use over and over again for your cat that require re-ordering, whether it’s monthly or every couple of months.

I have videos on YouTube of two of these products, so I have embedded them below, if you want to learn more.  The cat food we use does appear in videos and so does the litter we use, but I do not have dedicated videos about them yet.

Now it’s your turn!

In the comments section below, please share:

  • What products do you re-order or re-buy on a monthly basis for your kitty?
  • And where do you like to shop for them?  In-store or online?
  • Who do you like to order from?

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21 thoughts on “Cat Product Staples in Floppycats’ House

  1. Wayne Robinson says:

    Well, as it happens… I picked up my new little boy yesterday! Too much to tell, too little time at the moment, but be prepared to be bombarded soon with pics and info! Loki is 3 months old now and is a male blue point. He’s made himself right at home and has settled in immediately. He is perfect, such an adorable little man. He starts purring and doing the “love-paws” as soon as he sees you and never stops.
    So, I can’t honestly tell you what I “normally” order. But I can tell you what I have ordered and will continue to get for him. Being in Australia, some of this will be unfamiliar to most of you, sorry!

    Most I purchase in-store at PetBarn (one of our biggest pet chains) because there’s one 5 minutes down the road from me. They stock the full range of Wellness, Weruva and the litter I rave about below. The only thing I have to order online is ZiwiPeak, which I get from My Pet Warehouse. For Australian readers, PetStock is going to start stocking this soon. So…

    1. Wellness CORE Kitten cans. I also have a small bag of the dry while I transition him off the Royal Canin that the breeder uses. Thankfully, he seems to have done that already cold-turkey! He hoovered down a bowl of kangaroo mince with some Wellness CORE Kitten dry last night! And I’ll be getting him off the dry eventually, but I’ll always have some on hand for snacks and treats.

    2. Weruva “Cats in the Kitchen”. I have so much admiration for this company and their philosophy of “Keep it simple, keep it safe”. I just wish they would have more non-fish varieties. I wrote them an email just to thank them for what they do, and received a long reply back from David Forman himself!

    3. ZiwiPeak Rabbit and Lamb, and the Venison. Also the air-dried venison. I’ll be trying him on the wet and the air-dried over the next few days and I hope he loves it!

    4. Now, here’s the ‘cruncher’: Oz-Pet Litter System. I don’t think it’s available outside of Australia, but it’s brilliant. It’s a litter tray with a sieve bottom that sits in a ‘normal’ tray. The pellets are pelletized saw dust from Australian plantation timber. They break down into saw dust again when they get wet and fall as dust through the sieve into the bottom tray. You just give it a shake every day and scoop out the poos (which can be flushed down the toilet, as long as you don’t have a septic system). The tray system is a bit over-priced, but the litter is very reasonable, and it lasts for ages. Visiting Loki’s breeder, who has many cats, she uses it and there is absolutely no smell. Check it out here:

    5. Filters for the Pioneer Pet ceramic water fountain (the tear drop one). Loki had a big drink out of that this morning, which made me so happy, after what I’ve been through with kidney and bladder stone issues in the past with my previous baby.

    6. Toys. Wherever I can find them. Loki loves the Neko Kittenator, in fact he nearly chewed the tail off on the first night! Yes, I put it away when we’re finished!

    My feeding philosophy is grain-free, wet, simple, safe and VARIED. I’d hate to eat the same thing every day, I’d hate to eat proteins that humans were never intended to eat. And I don’t expect my cat to.

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks, Wayne! I smiled while reading your introduction – sounds like someone has won your heart very quickly and I love it. Thank you too for sharing!

      “My feeding philosophy is grain-free, wet, simple, safe and VARIED. I’d hate to eat the same thing every day, I’d hate to eat proteins that humans were never intended to eat. And I don’t expect my cat to.” – I agree somewhat, except for the “I’d hate to eat proteins that humans were never intended to eat” – I do think there are exceptions to the rule here like mice, rats, etc. I do know rats are eaten by humans, but not this human!

      I look forward to seeing photos of your little man!

      • Wayne Robinson says:

        Not this human either! I like meat, but I can’t touch anything even slightly ‘exotic’. Not even duck! Nor kangaroo either which is popular over here. What I really meant was we humans can eat any type of protein found in both meat (including rats!) and vegetables. Cats can’t. So I won’t feed him any protein that he was never intended to eat and can’t utilize, such as soy and grains. No matter how the mad scientists at Hills and Royal Canin have altered them in their test tubes!

        I just got out the pack of Royal Canin “Mother & Babycat” and here are the ingredients (in order): dehydrated poultry protein (what the hell is that?), animal fat (what animal?), RICE, maize flour (they’ve cunningly renamed ‘corn’ to ‘maize’ just to confuse people, but it’s the same thing!), dehydrolysed animal protein (again, what animal?), vegetable fibres (that could be anything, including wood pulp, not that I’m suggesting that it is, but who knows?).

        It makes me really angry! There is no real meat of any identifiable origin in there. Compared to Wellness CORE dry where the first ingredient is Deboned Turkey!

        Thank God we have Floppycats and you, Jenny 🙂 because you’re what started the ball rolling in my search for the ‘right stuff’.

    • Teresa Reid says:

      Wayne, just had to smile when I read your amazing list. Little Loki has melted your heart and it is the sweetest thing to read all you are doing for him. He is a very blessed little angel with a lovely life ahead of him with such a loving Dad!♥♥♥

    • Jenny says:

      Teresa, I should also ask –

      “Wild Calling – Cabin Fever Chicken – Being replaced by ZiwiPeak Rabbit & Lamb” – Why?

      Charlie and Trigg had PureBites when they first came out and loved them – and then we got a batch and they puked all over the house. I was scared to give them to them again.

      • Teresa Reid says:

        Have you tried the rabbit from Ziwi Peak? It was suggested to me when Mariposa first got sick. Illaria and Grace eat the WildCalling and Tiki Cat. Illaria has gotten into the habit of trading bowls with Mari midway through their meal. So funny!

        Uh-oh! Sorry about the PureBites making them Charlie and Chiggy sick. Don’t blame you for not having them again and will keep that in mind as well.

        About Wild Calling. When Gracie was having a lot of stomach upset difficulty a few years ago, went from Petco’s Soulistic to Wild Calling because it didn’t have any bad ingredients in it. I even called them and made sure that they don’t include any rendered meats in their food and they assured me that they did not. All their food is sourced in the USA. They have been fine on it and have eaten the buffalo, chicken and turkey and recently, rabbit.

        OK, so the thing that made me feel very uneasy is that I recently learned that Wild Calling cat food is manufactured by Evangers. Evangers had that horrible tragedy in 2007 where so many beloved pets were poisoned. They are really shady. Wild Calling admistration said that they only use them for packing, etc., but still I feel that it’s just not worth having to pay a price that I could never get over if something happened to my babies.

        Something I noticed that made me concerned is that the consistency is never the same. One time, it will be soupy and the next, it will be pate. Bought the rabbit from Wild Calling and compared it to the ZiwiPeak rabbit several weeks ago. There is NO comparison. I was shocked. Because Mari only eats 1/2 can, I have to reheat the rest at the next meal. When I reheated the Wild Calling, it turned into a lot of greasy looking fat and just grossed me out. In contrast, the Ziwi Peak stayed the same as it did going in coming back out and was substantially meaty looking. Just wish it wasn’t so darned expensive. Am looking for a 3rd choice for Gracie when the last of the Wild Calling runs out. May have to go with Weruva. What do you think?

        • Jenny says:

          Hi Teresa, I am not sure about Weruva – I sometimes wonder if mine should be eating it because it’s not made in the USA. Of course, ZiwiPeak is not made in the USA, but for some reason I trust New Zealand more than I would the USA. Anyway, I do not know if we have tried the ZiwiPeak rabbit – I might need to get some and try it again regardless, as they seem to change over the years. I wish there was a simple solution we could trust – and I would have no problem paying more for, for peace of mind. Thanks, Jenny

  2. Patti Johnson says:

    Great post, Jenny! Here’s my list:

    1. Cat Food (variety of Fancy Feast and other more expensive organic brands if I find them on sale somewhere…no seafood as Miss Pink Sugarbelle just isn’t interested in it)

    2. Treats: Red Barn Grain-Free Turkey Treats

    3. Litter: Same as yours, above!

    4. Chicken Puddin’ (hairball preventative): NutriVet Paw Gel Chicken Liver Flavor

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

      • Rose Rowe says:

        Hi Jenny,
        I never actually give them baths. I usually spray some waterless bath on Charmin and wipe their bottoms because my bicolor gets pee on his white legs, and their fur gets leftover pee and poop on it. I dilute a tiny amount of Earthbath shampoo with water in a spray bottle, and do the same for messy bottoms. Sometimes I just work it in with my hands, oh yeah! I only use non toxic because I worry about them licking their fur. Got to keep those furry buns clean. I might try a bottom wash in the sink this summer, and see how that goes. 🙂

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