Cat Power Tower – The Best Cat Climbing Tower

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Cat Power TowerLooking for cat climbers can be a daunting task.  Every cat owner wants cat climbing trees that are safe and secure, that look good in a room, and that offer their feline friend a great place to rest, relax, play, and scratch. The Cat Power Tower offers all those details.

The Cat Power Tower offers two sisal cat scratching posts, one on either side with dual platforms on which your furry friend can lie down for a nap or stay in waiting, ready to pounce.  A section built just to hide toys and treats adds extra stimulation for your cat to stay active and entertained.

So whether your cat is a scratcher that needs to sharpen his claws on something other than your furniture or a curios george who needs the diversion of hidey holes, this cat tower will provide.  Even if your cat just needs a place to relax and nap, but loves being up high this tower will work.  The bonus for the Cat Power Tower is that a build in carousel toy rotates when your cat bats at it to keep him or her entertained.  All parts are completely replaceable if your cat simply enjoys the tower so much it wears out.

Find your own Cat Power Tower – Cat Furniture Tower on for $399.95.

Do you own a Cat Power Tower – Cat Scratch Tower? How do you rate its performance?

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