Cat Power Tower – Modern Cat Tower

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Do you have an active feline friend who needs an area that they can romp, play, climb and scratch?  If you answered yes to any part of that question then the Cat Power Tower – Modern Cat Tower is perfect.  Cat Gyms are great, but this Cat Power Tower offers everything in one structure.  A cat tree house offers a place for the cat to climb and hide, but the Cat Power Tower offers a place to hide toys and treats, a place to lie, and a toy thatCat Power Tower Modern Cat Tower rotates for your Ragdoll’s entertainment.

Hide cat snacks in the hiding box and watch as your bicolor Ragdoll scrambles and reaches trying to gather his prize.  Perfect as cat climbers or as scratching posts, this Cat Power Tower Modern Cat Tower will keep your furry family member content for hours on end.

All pieces can be replaced if your furry friend wears out a section or if a second Power Tower is needed for a new family addition.  Great as fun and as exercise this Modern Cat Tower looks great and meets your cat’s curiosity needs.

Get your own Cat Power Tower from for $399.95.

Do you own a Cat Power Tower – Modern Cat Tower? How would you rate its performance?

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