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Cat Power TowerI love my Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll but he is not that friendly with my furniture or maybe he is too friendly, either way he spends a great deal of time sharpening his claws on the corner of my new couch.  I had had enough when I found the first small prick in the material.  I bought a small scratching post but my boy was not interested. I surfed the Net for an answer and I ran across the Cat Power Tower – Cat Scratch Towers.

The Cat Power Tower has everything I need for entertainment for my Ragdoll and to save my new sofa. The sisal cat scratching posts are my favorite feature, but my furry boy enjoys the hiding box that I have strategically placed catnip toys inside of and the rotating toy perched on top.  He even has a place to nap when he tires from all the playing.

Discount cat toys are a thing of the past as my Ragdoll now has his own Cat Power Tower to keep him entertained and healthy. I will always enjoy watching my boy play and climb on his tower.

Find your own Cat Power Tower – Cat Scratch Tower on for 399.95.

Do you own a Cat Power Tower – Cat Scratch Tower? How do you rate its performance?

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