Cat Power Tower – Cat Furniture Tower

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Cat climbers are a necessity for every home that has a four legged friend of the feline persuasion.  In fact without one then wall, drapes, furniture, and often legs become theCat Power Tower target for a cat’s natural instinct to climb. Sisal cat scratching posts are great and serve the need to scratch and climb to some degree, but they offer no real entertainment for the cat.

The Cat Power Tower – Cat Furniture Tower meets almost every need your Ragdoll may have.  The Cat Power Tower offers a place to lie down, a place to play, an attached toy, and a two sided sisal cat scratching post. If your feline can resist the hidey holes that can offer hidden treats or toys then a platform exists that is perfect for a mid morning nap.  And if after a quick snooze the urge to play is unbearable then an attached carousel toy is on top and allows for hours of batting fun.

This Cat Power Tower – Cat Furniture Tower will become a quick favorite for all of your feline family members.

Find your own Cat Power Tower – Cat Furniture Tower on for 399.95.

Do you own a Cat Power Tower – Cat Scratch Tower? How do you rate its performance?

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