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Cat Power TowerCats and kittens love to play.  Bicolor Ragdolls and Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdolls are among those who enjoy a good climb or a place to lie around and relax.  Though a cat window bed can offer a place to cat nap, the Cat Power Tower offers the added extra of build in toys, hiding holes, and sisal cat scratching posts. 

Offering a place to play will keep your feline friend happy and healthy while small extras can be placed to keep him or her continually going back for more.  A revolving toy at the top of the tower will replace all the cat toys lying around the house as your feline enjoys hours of fun.  The scratching posts will keep furniture safe and claws in healthy shape. Hiding extra toys or treats in the hunting holes will keep your furry friend entertained and intrigued as he or she will never know what is coming next.  After all that play the platform offers a nice surface for a long nap.  

The sturdy construction will keep your Ragdoll safe and secure while offering all the entertainment necessary to keep him or her busy during the day.

Order your own Cat Power Tower – Best Cat Tower from for 399.95
Do you own a Cat Power Tower? How would you rate its performance?

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