Cat Poops Outside of the Litter Box – UPDATE!

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Voltaire Litter 5 Cat Poops Outisde of the Litter Box
Van Gogh and Voltaire explore litter boxes

I was so thrilled to receive this email from JudyLyn.  If you remember reading about her troubles with her kitty Voltaire pooping outside of the litter box – many of you came to her aid with great suggestions. Here’s what JudyLyn has to say:


Seven days, NO accidents!  After taking all of the suggestions and information, it seems we have unlocked the mystery to Voltaire’s preferred litter box(es)!!  He prefers the clear box with LOW SIDES to poop, and the purple box with HIGH SIDES to urinate.  The 40 lb ExquisiCat Litter was purchased at PetSmart on sale for about ten bucks!

Van Gogh, who loves to dig, is just the opposite!  He poops in the purple box and urinates in the clear box….silly kitties!!!  They tend to use only two boxes; but, I set up the extra one as was suggested.  Let it be noted also, that I only put a thin layer of litter in the clear box…which may have been part of the issue for Voltaire.  He has never covered his poop, and I personally think he did not like the AMOUNT of litter I was using…. no matter, the combination of everything worked like a charm.

Voltaire's Litter Box Setup
Voltaire’s Litter Box Setup

Thank you for restoring peace and harmony to my Ragdoll home!!”


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  1. Congratulations! Very impressive detective work. I hope your kitties know how much they are loved!

    My Andy has a new preference (ever since Hurricane Sandy). His very favorite place for #1 & #2 is the window box full of soil sitting on the floor in my garage. I put it there before the hurricane so it wouldn’t fly into my living room window. Now I leave it there to please the king. I guess I will just get a new window box in the Spring!

  2. Loved the article on peeing outside the box. Will take suggestions regarding changing litter once per month and scooping twice a day. I keep litter box very clean and yesterday she was acting funny like she was wanting my undivided attention. I proceeded to walk in my pantry and she did it again, it’s like she misses the side of box and overextends onto the floor. I couldn’t help to feel it was deliberate! Well like a good mommy I got on my hands and knees and washed the entire floor! Then I scolded her, she mostly is bratty, but later she came and rubbed me as an apology. I think this is partly psychological on her part. However the tips will be taken seriously. Thank you

  3. I have a 100 mile commute (each way) Monday – Friday, and generally do not work on weekends. I scoop daily in the mornigs before I depart and at night whenever I arrive home. I change out the litter boxes complete about every 10 days or sooner. I use Swheat Scoop Multicat and mix in a little of Dr. Elseys. The Swheat Scoop prevents odor but Dr. Elsey’s has a better clumping mechanism. If the litter box remains clean, you should not have any further problems with cat(s) going outside the box. I get my kitty litters delivered by PetSmart also sells both kitty litters.

  4. I also use a large container purchased at Home Depot for mixing cement. It is of a type of plastic but the larger size is very long and somewhat wide (much better than the traditional jumbo sized and more expensive litter boxes). I still keep a jumbo sized litter pan in my own bathroom which is on another level of my home. Ragdolls are large cats which need more room to move around than other breeds.

  5. We are also having this problem.Our Boris was attacked by a feral cat a couple of months ago, so we thought it safer if he stayed inside.He has started pooping in our lounge room. The vet suggested putting a litter tray where he poops, he still does it outside the litter tray, but is getting closer to it. Any suggestions, please?

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