Cat Planner Stickers – For Cat Lovers Only!

While a lot of people have made the switch to managing their entire schedule online, using shared calendars, smart speaker reminders and so on, there are still lots of people who prefer the pen-and-paper approach of a planner.

Having something in your home or that you carry with you, where you can jot down important dates or things to remember, is really handy. And you can use stickers to decorate your planner, either just to make it more stylish or as handy reminders for certain tasks, especially those that need repeating.

Here are some of my favorite cat stickers for planners you can buy on etsy. Remember that when you shop on etsy you’re supporting small businesses and independent artists rather than big corporations, and now more than ever that’s a big win.

The Best Cute Stickers That Are Cat-Themed:

These stickers are just fun – there’s not necessarily any theme or use to them beyond making your planner a little prettier and decorating it to show off your love for your feline friend. There are lots of cute and artistic styles, so you’re sure to find one that you like.

Kitty Planner stickers from Catushi studios

Kitty planner stickers with white cat

These fun cat stickers include single vinyl stickers and larger sheets. The sheets are themed, so whether you like the sleepy cat design, are big on breakfast or you love your morning coffee almost as much as your pet, there’s some cool designs to suit you.

Shop this Studio on Etsy.

Various cat stickers from PearTeaStickers

planning stickers for paper planners with cats

There’s a real mix of styles on this etsy page, although most of them are more realistic sketches than the cartoon designs of other sellers. These are more artistic, and include distinct cat breeds, which is ideal if you spot one that’s a lookalike for your own cat.

Shop the Studio on Etsy.

Lily & Cat stickers from TheGingerCatCo

Cat sitting on a girl stickers

This range of stickers include Lily and her cat in various scenarios, either hugging, doing some reading or work together, baking or taking a selfie. Each sheet has a solo theme so if you want a mix, you’ll need to buy multiple but they’re fun and nicely drawn, and with more subtle pastel colors are better if you don’t want something bright and bold.

Shop the Studio on Etsy.

Various cat stickers from TinyKatePlans

cats at home stickers

This seller offers a real mix of art styles for their cat stickers, with some cute and some funky designs. There are even festive cat stickers perfect for making the date for that Christmas party, or tiny cat dot stickers in various colors you could use as reminders for various tasks if you wanted to.

Shop the Studio on Etsy.

Printable planner stickers from LetsPaperUp

reminder stickers with cats on them

If you like cartoonish cats, this sticker set is really cute. You can use it to help you plan too – there are generic ‘Remember’ stickers featuring the cat character, where you can fill in whatever it is you need to make sure you don’t miss. As a printable sheet, you’ll need a sticker printer at home.

Shop the Studio on Etsy.

Dave the Cat Stickers from zzstickerco

cat working out stickers

Dave the cat is this artist’s creation, with sticker sheets showing him in various poses. Want to see Dave wearing a face peel? How about angelic Dave with a halo? This artist also creates customer pet stickers – just send a photo and you’ll get stickers of your own kitty sent to you.

Shop the Studio on Etsy.

Cat Mix sheet from craftpenguinplanner

cats reading and eating stickers

If your planner just needs a little extra decoration, these fun cat stickers featuring a cat reading, sat in a donut, with an oversized teacup and more will really help. Each sticker measures around a half-inch, so you can space them out or go crazy and paste them all over the cover.

Shop the Studio on Etsy.

Various cat stickers from IndigoLark

vellum cat stickers for paper planners

This artist has a wide variety of illustrated cat stickers available, including more premium vellum or foil ones. You can also buy cat face tape for wrapping around your planner, and even Christmas animal stamp shaped sticker rolls for something really unique.

Shop this Studio on Etsy.

Various cat character stickers from TheFatCatDesigns

three cats together with fireworks overhead.

Another option here with different cat characters – you can choose from Flora, Lily or Bud each enjoying different activities. Apparently Bud loves to snorkel while Flora loves happy mail. Each character is cutely drawn, making sun sticker sheets you can use to decorate your planner to your heart’s content.

Shop the Studio on Etsy.

Spazz Cat stickers from OrangeUmbrellaCo

cat and kitten sledding stickers for Christmas time.

These planner stickers again feature character artwork – this time Spazz – getting up to various hijinks. Pick up the snowcat stickers for Christmas dates, or the Spazz Cat witch stickers to decorate your planner around Halloween if you’re into that sort of thing.

Shop the Studio on Etsy.

Various cat stickers from Plannerface

Cats and coffee stickers for planner.

There are some more unusual options on this artist’s store, so if you like your planner to stand out, then why not pick up a cat coffee cup sticker sheet? Or a kitty fast food one, with various burgers and shakes designed to look like cats? They’re not all obscure – the cat doodle stickers are well-drawn and cute without being cartoonish.

Shop the Studio on Etsy.

Various cat stickers from TheStickerPatch

Full block stickers with images of cats for paper planners

This is one of the most varied etsy stores on this list for cat stickers. Want real-life photo cat stickers? Sure thing. How about grouchy Santa cat cartoon stickers? It’s got those too. And it has planner stickers to help remember various tasks, like cleaning out the litter, and all high quality too.

Shop the Studio on Etsy.

Cat Care stickers from thePrairiePlanner

cat care reminder stickers

These sticker sheets include a number of different stickers to help with cat care. One of the most useful is the ‘Buy Food’ sticker – you would hate to run out, especially when you’re feeding your cat a specialist food that needs ordering online. As well as the ‘Buy Food’ sticker this sheet also includes those for cleaning litter trays, playtime, clipping nails, veterinarian appointments and more – everything you might need. You can choose between bright or pastel colors too.

Shop this Studio on Etsy.

Cat Lady emotes from TheCoffeeMonsterzCO

hand drawn stickers for paper planners.

This sheet of stickers is hand-drawn and features a cat lady spending time with her cute kitty. They have a number of poses that you could use for other reminders, but the more obvious ‘FEED ME’ stickers are helpful if you lead a hectic lifestyle and need a little reminder every now and then.

Shop the Studio on Etsy.

Cat Litter Stickers from BellaRosePaperCo

colorful cat litter box stickers for Erin Condren planner

These cute cat stickers perfectly fit Erin Condren planners although you could use them with any planner. One sheet includes 48 stickers with 8 different colors, so if you’ve multiple cats you could assign them a color for their litter box, although you’ll likely want to do them on the same day, so just use the stickers to mark those days and enjoy a different design every time.

Shop the Studio on Etsy.

Cat Litter Planner Stickers from CreativeStickersCo

cat sticker sheet with colorful stickers

Similar to the offering from BellaRosePaperCo, this sticker sheet comes with various colors to help manage multiple litter boxes or just to brighten up your planner. These stickers are a little smaller, which might help if your planner tends to get busier, and you get more of them – 60 in total.

Shop this Studio on Etsy.

Clean Litter Printable Stickers from PlanSoCute

Silhouette sticker maker for making stickers.

If you own your own Silhouette sticker maker, this downloadable PDF is a great option. It let you print your own large sheet of stickers, the perfect size for an EC planner. They include a mix of images of a cat in their litter tray, or a more obvious ‘Clean litter’ sticker, so you’ve plenty to fill up the weeks ahead.

Shop this Studio on Etsy.

The Best Stickers to Help Plan Other Cat Events:

Whether it’s a reminder to trim your cat’s claws, that veterinarian appointment you’re worried will slip your mind or just anything to do with planning your and your cat’s routine, these helpful stickers will make sure you don’t forget anything important.

Tina Cat Care Stickers from BusyBeesPaperie

don't forget care cat stickers for paper planners

These stickers are perfect for all kinds of cat care, with 40 stickers in total covering 8 different activities – buying food, cleaning litter, grooming time, vet visits and medication. Add these sweet little reminders to your planner and you’ll have no trouble staying on schedule with your kitty’s needs.

Shop the Studio on Etsy.

Various planner stickers from PlanToPlan

cats in different colors for scheduling

Choose from various sticker sheets to help plan either your cat’s schedule or your own. There are stickers perfect for vet appointments, scooping litter or just a cute grumpy cat collection more aimed at your own to-do list, including laundry, taking out the garbage or mopping and sweeping.

Shop the Studio on Etsy.

Various reminder stickers from PlanningaRosieLife

Clean litter box stickers for paper planner.

Simple, clean but brightly colored, these stickers only have small cat pictures and instead are mainly word-based, serving as reminders to buy treats, clean litter boxes, make an appointment or give your pet a bath – more use for dogs, that particular sheet.

Shop the Studio on Etsy.

Cat Date Covers from PeanutButterTaco

Colorful paw print stickers for paper planner.

These are pretty minimalist but they make for a nice way to brighten up the date on your planner pages. Cover it with these date stickers to enjoy a cat peeking out every day. It’s simple, but it’s a great decoration for the page that leaves plenty of space for you to fill with information too.

Shop the Studio on Etsy.

Which of these is your favorite? How do you prefer to decorate your planner? Leave a comment and let me know.

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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    I don't use a physical planner and I'm not a sticker kinda gal. However, I get cards from friends who decorate the cards with all kinds of cute stickers and I do appreciate them very much! 🙂 <3

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