Cat Pet Bowls: Sleepypod Yummy Bowls Arrive for a Product Review at!

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Charlie with Sleepypod Yummy Cat Travel BowlsI love these cat food and cat water bowls that Sleepypod has introduced – so I asked them if they could send me a sample for a product review.  I am late in posting this, but wanted to share their arrival nonetheless.

I love these bowls – we haven’t even used them yet, but I think the concept is rad and I also love how they all fit together and the feel of them is quite fun too. 

We got the Very Berry color, but they do come in 4 different colors:

  • Very Berry
  • Mango Tango
  • Key Lime
  • Sea Breeze

Although Charlie and Trigg don’t travel much, I know a lot of readers go to cat shows with their cats and might be looking for a solution.  Or even peole that might do rescue and need something to take with them on the go.

These cat travel bowls are uber smart.

Check them out:

Sleepypod Yummy Pet Travel Bowls

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This is the arrival video I took:

Do you have any questions for me while I review them?

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