cat-on Customizable Cardboard Cat Scratchers

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Floppycats reader, Eszti, introduced cat-on to me.  Located in the UK they offer unique cardboard cat scratchers that have a little more style than your normal cat scratcher.

Cat scratchers from cat-on

Special Edition Le Tronc

But what’s more exciting is that cat-on® allows you make customizable cardboard scratchers.  That’s right, you can design your own cardboard scratcher and they will produce it for you – how fun is that?

All you need to do is send a detailed drawing, photograph, etc. to them, so that they have enough information to be able to give you a realistic price quote.

Send your e-mail to: info(at) if you are interested in taking advantage of their customizable cat scratchers.


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  1. These are beautiful. Went racing to the website all excited, but really got a shot of sad reality when I saw the beautiful white tiger baby sitting on their scratcher. My heart just fell to the floor. Don’t know if this company is aware or not, but using these babies sends out a very terrible message that it is OK to use these babies in commercials, etc. They are not stuffed animals, but beautiful living beings that belong in the wild, not on a photo shoot for an ad campaign. They buy and sell these tiny babies who are raised just for commercial purposes and then when they get too old, they are discarded, abused or even killed. It is NOT OK for them to advertise using the baby tigers, or other big cats. Also, white tigers are genetic mutations that are inbred and as a result, most of them don’t even live or have horrible physical defects. My heart goes out to that poor baby and hope he is now in a responsible zoo somewhere. See Big Cats for more info.

    1. First of all ; Thank you Jenny for featuring this site on Floppycats! 🙂

      Second; Teresa, I’m sorry that it made you so sad, but you don’t have to worry (in this case I mean), the baby tiger is photoshopped, they did not actually use a wild animal to showcase the product!

      1. their original store IS german, but it was ok to think they were british. but i guess the page is called cat on uk because the one that just says cat-on is the german original.

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