Cat Olympics: Let the Games Begin

Does your feline friend exhibit height phobia? If yes, it’s a purrfect time to introduce them to heights by playing the airplane game. If not, it’s a pawsome idea to teach them the airplane game. Either way, the airplane game wins, and here’s a fantastic guide to playing the airplane game with your feline companion; they’ll like it!

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Engaging Your Ragdoll

Approaching your Ragdoll cat to play is the first step. Cats, particularly Ragdolls, are curious creatures who appreciate the anticipation. To start, take off your socks. Seeing your bare feet might intrigue your cat, signaling the start of something exciting. Ragdolls are known for their affectionate nature, so they’re likely thrilled at the prospect of a play session with their human companion.

Flying High Together

Now, let’s delve into the heart of the game. Gently nudge your toes between your cat’s legs, positioning it like an airplane on the runway. Begin moving your feet back and forth, creating a flying motion. This interactive play helps them satisfy their curiosity, providing mental and physical stimulation. Here’s an excellent YouTube video demonstrating how to play the airplane game effortlessly.

Exercise in Play

The Airplane game is like a mini workout session for your feline friend, keeping them in tip-top shape while having a blast. Interestingly, the game isn’t just entertaining for your cat; it’s also an excellent exercise for you. You also work on your abs and get into good shape, improving your overall fitness.

Reading Cat Signals

While the Airplane game is fantastic fun for you and your Ragdoll cat, it’s crucial to remain attentive to your cat’s cues. Cats communicate uniquely, and understanding their body language is essential. Keep an eye on your cat’s reactions. If they seem to lose interest or become overstimulated, it’s time to wrap up the game and let them relax.

In conclusion, the airplane game can provide mental and physical stimulation and strengthen your bond with your feline friend if they are that kind of cat.

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