Cat Litter Box Help – Does Your Kitty Help Your Scoop Your Litter Box?


My cats have always loved watching me scoop their waste, so that they can use it right afterwards – there’s no guessing that they love a clean litter box!

Or how about when there’s new litter?  Here’s a video of Charlie and Trigg getting into the litter box when I poured Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter in it:

Do your cats love when there is new litter or when the box has been freshly scooped?

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  1. For the question, “Does your kitty help you scoop your litter box,” when I start to clean the litter box, 2 of our cats could care less, but my Ragdoll, Nicky, watches me and before I get finished cleaning, he is in there using it. I usually clean their litter boxes 2-3 times a day and he does this each time. Lol!

  2. Not one of my four cats comes and sits by me as I clean their litter boxes but Casey, my buff tabby, is aware of when it is being done and he does seem to take pride in being the *first* pooper!!

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