Cat Latte Mugs – Discover A Collection Of A One-Of-A-Kind Cat Product

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Check out these one-of-a-kind collection of latte mugs designed by artist Laurel Burch. These cat latte mugs are perfect for all cat lovers out there! Be it a gift for yourself or for your partner, why not share each others hand around these cat latte mugs of a steaming coffee?

Laurel Burch is known in the art industry for her tremendous creativity, life and vibrancy. As an artist, her works are filled with personality and holds a unique view of the world, so much that her pieces are a symbol of pure imagination.

These Cat Latte Mugs are decorated by artist Laurel Burch with colorful, hand-made designs that are super ideal to fit anyone who loves and adores works of art and has an excellent appreciation for our dear felines.


    Cat Latte Mugs - Polka DotsCat Latte Mugs - IndigoCat Latte Mugs - Blossoming SpiritCat Latte Mugs - Flowering Feline

These 16 oz. tall Cat Latte Mugs are hand-painted and at the same time uses a ceramic tile that features a serene, art deco feline design that can absolutely fit your preference and lift your spirits with each use. Microwave ready and dishwasher safe. Lead-free.

These Cat Latte Mugs are available in four different titles:
Polka Dots (feline design in red, yellow, black and white)
Indigo (feline design inblue, purple, and black)
Blossoming Spirit (feline design in bright blues, greens, yellows, reds and purples)
Flowering Feline (feline design in teal, purple, black, tan, green and blue)

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