Cat Jungle – Unique Cat Furniture

Post Published on September 30, 2010 | Last Updated on September 30, 2010 by Jenny

Cat Jungle - Unique Cat FurnitureIt’s the call of the wild! With this condo that can also be used as a cat playpen, you will be delighted on how the wild instinct of your feline pet will make them love this Cat Jungle by SmartCat.

Cats love things that they can call their own since they are territorial animals. This jungle of a playhouse can make your cat explore all around while others or himself may just lounge or snooze peacefully in their own private place that makes it seem like natural surroundings from the jungle. It has three floors to climb and explore, and six windows for your cat to look outside. It’s three feet and three inches tall so your pet will have long time of wandering around it, exploring, and finding favorite spots to sleep in.
They will peek out of the windows from their cat perches to see what’s going on or just to simply look out and to take a look at you. Transform your pet cat to be the king of the jungle while inside their brand new Cat Jungle
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