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Catit Style Blow Molded Scratcher, HourglassCat It toys, designed by Hagen, have quite a bit to offer for those of you who are tired of the standard, boring ol' cat products that are most widely available. Cats, just like humans, rely on novelty to stay interested. If you consistently buy your furry friend the same cardboard scratcher, he's going to stop bothering with it at some point. Then you may catch him scratching up furniture or other valuables, not out of any ill will, but just the desire for some new texture. Here are some Cat It products that are extremely impressive:

  • The Cat It Style Cat Scratcher comes in two different shapes, Hourglass and Vase. The curves found on the design of their cat scratching pole are much more interesting than standard straight “up and down” cardboard scratchers. Made using sisal rope blended with corn husk (of the low-shred variety), this scratcher includes a base, making it harder to knock over. On top of that, the pole is hollow in the middle so you can add heavy items for extra stability.
  • Cat It has a multitude of toys available, from their Play Circuit to their Speed Circuit, which both include balls that zoom through the enclosed tracks of the devices. These balls keep your cat wondering what is going on while he stays curious enough to play for hours. You can purchase extra tracks and balls too. They even have a Catit Design Senses Treat Maze that we've reviewed so we can confirm that they do indeed sell quality cat toys!

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