Cat Houses: Indoor and Outdoor Cat Shelters by KatKabin Keep Cats Safe

Whether you have an indoor or an outdoor cat, it is essential to have a safe space where it can be comfortable and protected.

Just like dogs have dog hous=Whether you have an indoor or an outdoor cat, it is essential to have a safe space that can be comfortable and protected.
Just like dogs have dog houses, cats also need to have cat houses.

The cat shelters from KatKabin can keep your cat safe from the elements when it is outside because they are made from durable materials, and they have an insulated interior that makes the cat house warm and safe for your cat.

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The Standard KatKabin

Made from heavy-duty plastic, the KatKabin provides a safe space for your cat indoors and outdoors.

It is L: 22″ (55cm) x W: 16″ (41cm) x H: 13″ (32cm), which makes it suitable for a wide variety of spaces. Inside, its dimensions are L: 17″ (43cm) x W: 15″ (38cm) x H: 11″ (28cm), which makes it suited for larger cats as well. The door opening is W: 6.5″ (16cm) x H: 7″ (17.5cm).

The exterior comes in four colors – scarlet red, forest green, royal blue, and chocolate brown.

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It has an insulated floor, which has a double purpose – it keeps the cat warm, and it also keeps the cat comfortable. In addition, its design with cat-like ears makes the KatKabin stand above ground, which also shelters the cat from cold and wind.

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The KatKabin has rear holes for air ventilation. It also has an aerodynamic oval shape and ensures that the air circulates inside the cabin instead of being trapped at the top, which happens with other models.

It also has a removable KatFlap door, which the cat can use to slide in and out whenever it wants. After the cat goes in, the door slides right back, which helps keep the cat safe inside.

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Inside the cabin is a unique cushion, which protects the cat from the cold but also keeps it comfortable. In addition, the pillow is washable, so you can clean it easily.

Optionally, you can add the fleecy Winter Warmer, which lines the internal body of the KatKabin and keeps your cat warm even in frigid temperatures.

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Another optional component is the waterproof, low-energy EcoGlow Pet Warming Pad, which is suited for extra-cold conditions. This is extremely useful for outdoor cats that need extra protection during the cold season.

What is a cat house useful for if I have an indoor cat?

Even indoor cats need fresh air and can be safe outside in a cat house. The KatKabin is a waterproof outdoor cat house where the cat can get all the comfort and safety it needs.

Moreover, this cat house doubles as an indoor and an outdoor cat shelter, which makes it suitable for everyday use. For example, you can keep it in your home as a cat bed, and then, when you want to take your cat outside, it can stay in a space that it is familiar with. If you have a shy cat, that may be helpful.

However, remember that you must supervise your cat when you take it outside because it is not used to being out and could display erratic behavior.

The KatKabin does not close, so while it does provide shelter from the cold, it can only do so while the cat is inside. For extra safety, install a catio. You can even build a catio yourself, so you may want to look into that option.

Is an outdoor cat house resistant to cold weather?

Yes, a cat house like this is very resistant because it is made from heavy-duty plastic and has an insulated interior, cushions, and other warming surfaces. It is specially designed to keep the cat warm inside, even in the coldest places.

This makes the KatKabin very useful if you have an outdoor cat. It can have a space to get shelter from cold when it needs it. The cat door allows easy access and an easy exit so that the cat can move in and out freely.

If you care for feral cats or other cats that live outdoors, providing a KatKabin can shelter them. However, you may have to lure them inside because outdoor cats are not used to cat houses.

The KatKabin has a removable KatFlap, which you can take out, at least in the beginning, before the cat gets used to the cat house and goes in and out effortlessly.

The SkratchKabin

Another version of the KatKabin is the SkratchKabin – it has a cat-scratcher exterior, which makes it serve a double purpose. First, it is a bit smaller than the KatKabin at L: 20″ (51cm) x W: 16″ (41cm) x H: 13″ (32cm). The interior is L: 16″ (40cm) x W: 15″ (38cm) x H: 11″ (28cm), which makes it spacious enough for most cats, and it has a door opening of W: 6.5″ (16cm) x H: 7″ (17.5cm).

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The SkratchKabin doubles as a cat house and cat scratcher, where your cat can lounge inside, play with, and scratch when it goes out. The SkratchKabin is meant for interior use and has a stylish design that makes it a good fit in virtually any home.

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It also comes with a washable KatKushion, easy to clean, a free toy hanger, and a sisal mouse. This will inspire your cat to play and encourage it to scratch the house.

Cat scratching is very healthy, and it is vital to stimulate your cat into this behavior. Some of the best cat scratchers out there double as cat beds and scratchers because it is beneficial for the cat to scratch when it feels relaxed and calm.

Do you have a cat house? Is it an indoor cat house or an outdoor one? Does your cat spend time outdoors? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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  1. how much for the katkabin?? price and where to get.

    1. Pricing is on their website where you buy it – I usually don’t include pricing – an old habit because I worked for a manufacturer. An article was published 5 years before I started working at the manufacturer – that article had pricing of our roofing product. The price had gone up A LOT in 5 years because of the cost of oil – and people always referenced that article for cost – which ended up being a disaster for those of us answering the phone.

      Did you not see the clickable links? All photos click to their website too. But here is their website –

  2. I’ve been feeding a backyard cat for the last few months trying to get him to trust me enough to get him checked out. This house might be the perfect thing for him since I’ve hate thinking about him out in the rain and cold. He only comes late at night and he might even be someone’s cat just looking for a free meal, but outside cats are rare around here since we have coyotes and foxes! Great looking shelter!

    1. interesting – if you get one, please let me know how it goes!

  3. WOW! SUPER FABULOUS & PAWESOME post, Jenny honey! Wonderful topic and AMAZEBALLS products with those cat houses! Lurve them! Miss PSB is an indoor kitteh only. She has several little covered tents, tunnels and a big carrier that is very private and like a luxury cabin for her. Our Princess has lots of options for her Snoozywinkling & Private Times. 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

    1. Thanks, Patti – I am interested in reviewing one of these to see if my cats would be interested in them.

      1. Oooooh, THAT would be TERRIFIC! A giveaway would be FABULOUS, too, if that is possible down the road. These houses look wonderful! 🙂 <3

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