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Are you looking for cat grooming shears for grooming matted cat fur or just proper cat grooming? One important thing that all cat owners should have in their cat supply arsenal is a good pair of cat grooming shears. Hopefully you will rarely have to use them; however, they are good to have on hand should you be faced with mats or something that needs to be cut out of your cat’s fur.

While most cats do a good job of grooming themselves it is important for cat owners to know proper cat grooming basics. Regular combing and brushing of your cat helps remove dead hair. When cats groom themselves they often swallow the hair which can lead to hairballs. A good brushing will also help prevent mats. Mats are painful tangles of hair that sit close to the skin. They can cause skin problems on top of being highly uncomfortable for your cat. The longer your cat’s hair the more often it should be brushed.

If you find yourself grooming matted cat fur it is important to remember that you want to remove the mat with as little stress and pain to your feline friend. This might mean you need to use your cat grooming shears or cat grooming clippers.

When faced with a mat you want to start by sprinkling a little talcum powder on it, working it into the mat with your fingers. Using a fine tooth comb see if you can work through the mat. Sometimes you will get lucky and that will do the trick. Other times you might need to resort to more drastic measures.
If you find that you need to cut out the mat you will want to use either clippers or shears. When using either of these methods it is important not to hurt or stress your cat. If you decide to use clippers you will want to place the clippers under the mat and gently shave in an upwards motion. Slowly cut through the mat until it has been removed. Comb through the hair and make sure that you got it all, otherwise your cat might have one heck of a hairball to vomit later!

If you decide that you are going to use the shears, gently pull up the mat from the skin so you can see where the mat begins and where the skin ends. Slide your grooming shears perpendicular to the skin. Be careful not to cut what you don’t see. You don’t want to injure your cat. Slowly and gently cut the mat upwards until it is removed or the hair loosens so that you can comb it through. Once the mat is removed try to set up a grooming schedule and stick to it to avoid future mats and future occurrences to remove mats!

It is important to remember that this will most likely be a highly stressful situation for your cat so try to be sensitive to his or her feelings. It might be something that will need to be done in stages, giving him or her a chance to rest in between. Remember mats are very painful and can lead to serious skin problems. Know when to ask for cat grooming help. If you find that you are not able to remove the mats or consistently groom your cat it might be time to call in a professional. Many vet offices and groomers are able to handle grooming cats of all kinds with all kinds of temperaments. Better to call one of them in to do the job then let your cat live with painful matting.

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  1. Holly says:

    I have two Ragdolls. I usually take them to the groomer to get bathed and cut twice a year to eliminate hairballs and make it cooler (today is 104 degrees). I am looking for a good clipper or sheer to use to cut grooming costs. I viewed the Scaredy Cut Pet Grooming Kit and it looks very tedious for cutting all of the hair short. Recommendations? Thank you.

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