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Cat ClimbersFor cat lovers, the one chore included in the Ragdoll cat guide that often displeases them would be changing the litter box. However, this is a must-do thing to keep your cat and home clean.

The CatGenie 120 is a product made to make changing litter boxes easy for you. It is basically a self-sufficient cat box that has granules for your cat that washes and cleans all by itself. It uses a SaniSolution cartridge that keeps the litter box sanitary and germ free, for 120 washes.

It also comes with an automatic timer that you can set after daily cat snacks or you can use it each time it’s neccessary. The solid waste and urine gets flushed out of the CatGenie 120 and goes straight to your home’s sewage treatment pipe.

Odor free, there’s no need to replace the granules for this cat box. You can get one of these for $269.99 through’s Super Saver Shipping.

What about you? Do you prefer automatatic litter boxes over your average cat box? Leave us your thought below or on Facebook.

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