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I have a Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll named Monkey.  Her name was not intended to be Monkey but after her first day with us when she climber every piece of furniture, all the curtains, and a few legs the name just sort of stuck.  Monkey is a true climber at heart and we try to be as accommodating as possible but she seems to get bored with the basic cat climbers that we have bought in the past.

Cat Power TowerI started searching Cat Furniture Products and came across the Cat Power Tower.  Monkey loves all the added extras, especially the hiding box that allows for treats and small toys or balls to be hidden in the space.  She also enjoys jumping from platform to platform and napping on top when she gets around to slowing down.

Monkey scratches the sisal cat scratching posts with vigor and then attaches herself to the top platform to watch the toy that can be batted around in a circle.  The toy has had to be replaced several times because Monkey is so aggressive with it, but replacement was as easy as a click.

Find your own Cat Furniture Products – Cat Power Tower on for 399.95.

Do you own a Cat Power Tower – Cat Scratch Tower? How do you rate its performance?

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