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Ragdoll Eating Cat Food

When you have a kitten or a new adopted cat, determining the best kind of cat food for your cat can be a difficult thing.

Some people and vets alike think that dry food is the only way to go, whereas other vets and cat owners believe that wet cat food is the only way to go. And millions of people believe that domestic kitties should be fed a raw food diet like their big cat counterparts.

Rags was fed a combination of both wet and dry food during his 19-years of life. He started on Deli-Cat (available at the grocery store and nutritional value is close to eating McDonalds every day) because he wouldn’t eat any other kind of dry food, in hindsight a raw food diet might have been the way to go with him. He was eating wet food everyday, usually Fancy Feast. Fancy Feast an be found in your grocery store, but is also available online. They have variety packs, which are sometimes the easiest to buy.

Many companies will send you a sample or two of their food if you write them and let them know that you have a cat that is a picky eater and you want to try their food on she or he. And if she or he likes it, you will buy more. When Rags started going to the KC Cat Clinic for his vet, and they said that Delicat was horrible for him.

So, he started eating Royal Canin. Since Rags had lymphoma and received chemotherapy, he was an even pickier eater than before. He was offered him a number of dry and wet foods through his chemotherapy protocol period and then he ultimately settled in wanting three kinds of food: Royal Canin Mature 27(tm) Indoor Formula Food, Royal Canin Active Mature 28(tm) Formula Food and Eagle Pack Holistic Select Cat Anchovy, Sardine and Salmon Meal Dry Food.


While wet food is a little more expensive (although you can cut some of the expense by using coupons and by writing the manufacturer’s of a certain food and asking for coupons) and inconvenient to prepare, it really is better for your cat. It is recommended to scoop out about half of the wet food from the can and then mash it down and add water (a great way to get more water in your little one).

Cat’s teeth as a result of getting dry food or wet food

This is a video of Murphy eating Fancy Feast’s Fish and Shrimp. See more videos of Murphy.

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