Cat Food: Do You Buy It Online or In-Store? Why?

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

The moat is a great food bit catcher on the BOB Pet Bowl by PetPet StudiosDo you buy your cat food online or in store?

As most of you know, I am crazy couponer.  So whenever I buy anything, it usually has to do with price in mind.

Cat Food Online:

You can always visit our Best Canned Cat Food page to see what I am feeding Charlie and Trigg and if you’d like to tell me that I shouldn’t be feeding them something, I will listen to that too.  I would like to have them eat 100% raw, but they haven’t been interested when I have prepared it for them and am not at a point where I can deal with the patience in the lengthy transition, like our transition from dry food to wet food only.

I bulk buy our cat food.  Last week, I placed the following order on (like a moron, I ordered a case of dog food – should have been the cat food version and am kicking myself for that now).  I only order when they have a nice promo code going on.  To see how to find online promo codes, please see our online pet food deals page.

DoggieFood Order

So yes, it’s a large order and it will last us about 3 months (so $136/month or $68/month per cat) – but I don’t have to pay for shipping, don’t have to pay tax, don’t have to pay for gas to go to the store to get it and so much more.

So that’s why I order online:

  1. Convenience
  2. No tax
  3. No shipping cost (depends where you order from)
  4. No gas for my car cost

How do you buy your cat food and why?

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60 thoughts on “Cat Food: Do You Buy It Online or In-Store? Why?

  1. janet Knowlton says:

    OK question. Do you feed these critters inside? I admire you guys for doing this but I just can’t go there. Jenny – if you do go through with this you MUST video it!!!

    • ChristyB says:

      I feed inside – if I had a yard I would do it outside. I used to feed on the balcony but the feathers were hard to manage and I had neighbors asking me if Prossimo was killing birds all day every day!

      I have a towel and a mat. Both Yoda and Prossimo know that their food will be gone if they move their food off the towel/mat. I also feed Prossimo in a cabinet at night or when I’m leaving. I know that sometimes he does come out of the cabinet with his food because there are remnants on a throw rug.

      That could be corrected if I wasn’t so lazy.

      I thought that people who fed their animals this way were totally crazy! I’ve been feeding dogs frankenprey raw since 2005. I started with chicken breasts and now I feed whole baby goats to my dog (they are cut up in daily portions). It was a process – trust me!

  2. Dementia Boy says:

    Will try to avoid an essay =)

    (1) Raw: Butcher around the corner. He prepares stuff exactly as I want it–no bone or liver. Good selection of local, free range meats, but venison is out of season now.

    WHY: Because I can walk there in my jammies. Also, that’s about as fresh as fresh can get.

    (2) Wet: Primarily online, primarily Chewy. Unfortunately, two of my favorite canned foods are not available through Chewy, so I must use the Triumvirate. That’s the outfit that has at least three different companies under its banner. Since they have a warehouse in Nevada, I’m charged sales tax. Occasionally I’ll buy wet food at the feed store (also right around the corner) or single cans at the pet boutique in South Lake Tahoe.

    WHY: Price and variety (Chewy). No choice (Triumverate). Try new things without committing to a case (pet boutique). Loyalty (feed store).

    (3) Supplements: Online (Thriving Pets), locally (wherever) and down the hill (Arlington Pharmacy, which is a compounding pharmacy, and a little chicken place in Washoe Valley for eggs).

    WHY: Because.

      • ChristyB says:

        That was supposed to have a couple of explanation points indicating laughter instead of with them missing which reads as snarky – yikes, not my intention!!

        • Dementia Boy says:

          Lalalaughing. Didn’t sound snarky at all. Now I’m wondering if I sounded snarky by saying “essay.” But that’s a put-down of myself as I can’t even say “Hi” in 95 words or less.

          No snarks all the way around. Just two crazy, creative cat ladies =)

    • Jenny says:

      ha ha – the crazy cat lady that goes to the butcher in her jammies…who has a friend that chucks dead mice off her balcony…i see a movie in our future.

  3. Teresa says:

    I do both. A few months ago, Illaria became totally unable to eat chicken. Went through a really difficult time getting her sensitive stomach back to health. Her intolerance came on quickly and was severe and scary. Thank God my vet knew exactly what it was and changed her food. Now they all eat Life’s Abundance and it got her straightened out quickly. Can only get that only by mail. When I get back home, will be looking into other brands that might be tolerated by Illaria. Know this sounds strange but my vet said that the higher quality foods for cats like she was getting before are commonly not well tolertated. That was news to me but proven true by how sick Illaria got and how quickly she recovered as soon as I began feeding her another brand and through avoidance of an all chicken food. She went from being sluggish back to her happy little spunky self.
    When I get home, will be again on the look out for other foods she might be able to tolerate that don’t have bad additives in them and are on the Natural Cat food blogs best food list because all of them are safe with good ingredients.

    • Jenny says:

      interesting because i was thinking about how much chicken charlie and trigg get and wasn’t comfortable with it – worried they could develop something against it.

      teresa, were you only feeding her one brand before? i always rotate brands and flavors just in case.

  4. Deidre says:

    I buy online and in store. There are so many great pet food stores in my area, some who will price match the online stores. I love They’re fast – UPS from PA to NY is only one business day and no sales tax is always a plus! I buy a few cases locally and some from Chewy, to keep well stocked. To be honest, I am leery of trying raw food. I probably don’t know enough about it yet.

    • Jenny says:

      that’s nice that you have so many great pet food stores in your area.

      raw food i think is great because it is what they would eat if they had to fend for themselves, which should be their normal diet because it’s what comes natural to them. of course, there is the worry about raw food contamination.

      • ChristyB says:

        Raw food contamination is something to be aware of but in my opinion not something to worry about. Most people handle and prepare eggs and meat for the people in the homes everyday and don’t think much about it other than basic hygiene – washing their hands and prep areas with soap & water.

        Of course I’m in the “we worry too much about cleanliness” camp! I am NOT a fan of anti-bacterial or anti-microbial soaps. We need a healthy amount of bacteria in/on our bodies and stripping ourselves of what is natural causes more problems that we are just now, after 100 years of trying to rid ourselves of them, figuring out. Of course you will not find me licking a mouse or raw chicken!!

  5. janet Knowlton says:

    I order online from or Never heard of until you. I just checked their prices are cheaper than chewy or amazon, however, all the things I would order are out of stock! I will have to call and fine out why.

    • Dementia Boy says:

      Party Animal did not respond to my multiple requests for ME/dry matter analyses, so I won’t use it. When the “as fed” analysis doesn’t add up to 100 and the calorie count is fairly low, I’m going to presume that the missing numbers are carbs unless advised otherwise.

  6. Caren says:

    I just got my 1st Ragdoll kitten, Bocelli, a week ago (he’s a 13 weeks old blue lynx point bicolor). I switched him from free-fed kibble to raw in 1 day and he’s loving it! I ordered online from Darwins Natural Pet Products ( They have an introductory offer of 10 lbs. for $14.95. Feeding raw is not cheap but after all the research I’ve done online I think it’s the way to go. I figure it’ll cost me just over $5.00 a lb. to feed him and he eats a lot!

    I found out about feeding raw through so thanks Jenny for all the great information, hard work and devotion you bring to this website!

    • Jenny says:

      bravo to you for doing that – i wish mine would take to raw like that! how did you find out about darwin’s pet?

      • Caren says:

        My first introduction to raw food was through your recommendation of Lisa A. Pierson DVM. That had me convinced that it was the best diet for my kitten.

        Then I read your blog on “Best Canned Cat Food” and found Darwins raw food through Liz Eastwood of Natural Cat Care’s recommendation under “1st Place Canned or Raw Cat Food”. For me it is the least expensive (I live in So. California) and their packaging is very convenient too.

        I’m super new to this and I want to check out whole prey in the future. But for now, with a balanced diet being the priority, I found that Darwins was a great way to start and my kitten is loving it 🙂

    • ChristyB says:

      @Caren, you may want to research “frankenprey” raw feeding because it’s A LOT cheaper!

      It’s more work on your end but a lot easier on your wallet!

      • Caren says:

        Thanks, Christy. I’d like to try Frankenprey but I want to make sure I get it right & really would like someone to walk me through it.

        I’ve read you need to feed a ratio of 80% meat; 10% bone; 5% liver; 5% non-liver organ meat. I don’t think I can handle mice at this point, but would like to start with whole chicken, turkey & quail. My freezer space is small so the ground raw meat seemed like a good place to start.

  7. Patti Johnson says:

    Great info, Jenny!

    We buy Miss Pink Sugar’s food at the store (which is very close to our apartment). It’s very convenient and works very well within our grocery budget, too.

    We have purchased it via before but only when we can combine it with another order to get free shipping.

    NOTE: I do purchase her kitty litter online via (let the delivery man bring it right to our door!) because I can’t lug 40 pound bags of kitty litter from the car, up the stairs and into our apartment anymore. (Sucks getting old!)

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

    • Dementia Boy says:

      Dear Miss Patti and Sugar Girl,

      You and I are the same age. I sure can’t imagine dragging 40-lb. bags of litter up stairs.

      It’s easier (physically) for me to get litter at the feed store than it is to order it online. But I don’t have stairs to contend with. The feed store guys load my little old lady cart with litter, I wheel it home, and then wheel it to laundry room, guest bathroom and cats’ bathroom, dropping a bag off in each location. But you can’t wheel a little old lady cart up stairs 🙁

      I buy more than I need – now that I have the Litter Lifter!! – so I don’t have to go traipsing through the house with litter. (Also, I learned from our two 100-year snows that it doesn’t hurt to stockpile if you have room.)

      Love, DB and the baby monsters

    • Jenny says:


      i know you do free gift cards for amazon – but you might also check out for litter – several readers have said they have great deals on litter.


      • Patti Johnson says:

        Thank you so much, Jenny! I’ll definitely go check out!

        Big hugs!

        Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

  8. Jennifer says:

    I order all my pets food on line. I can’t remember the last time I set foot in a pet store. With four cats a two dogs its the cheapest way to go. I order from because they send coupons to my email. The more you order the bigger the discount. Free delivery and no sales tax! I order my cats litter from They use Precious Cat litter and Chewy will occasionally run a sale on this litter for 11.99 for a 40 pound bag and free delivery for orders over $49. I check their site quite often just for litter since they don’t advertise the sale.

    I love ordering all their food on line. Its nice to sit in my pajamas, sip my coffee and hit the add to cart button.

    • Jenny says:

      ha ha – i sip my tea and know what you mean – it is so nice to be at home with them and have it come to your door…and not to mention it’s WAY CHEAPER than going to the store.

  9. patricia says:

    when i think about it, i probably buy cat food like i do my food. i’m single and it’s just me and the cats so i don’t buy a lot, i shop more often. i have found, for myself anyway that stuff goes bad before i can use it so i shop in the grocery store probably 3 times a week.. for food. i waste less then. and i will pick up cat food then too. BUT.. i would love to be able to order a lot of cat food all at once. i guess i need to save up. would be cool to order all my groceries online too. i’m sure there is some place out there that does that. i don’t really mind shopping in the store for groceries, it’s a time that i can just be quiet and i find it rather calming. almost everything else i buy online though. i love shopping online. i always get excited when i hear the ups guys truck.. haha.

    • Jenny says:

      i do love the UPS man – much better than my USPS man! i love having it delivered to my door and not having to deal with the checkout process at the store.

      • ChristyB says:

        I love my FedEx guy. He said something completely inappropriate to me once but didn’t realize it and he and I both laughed so hard. He’s a cutie!

  10. Liz says:

    Yes– better prices and convience! I buy sometimes from doggie food andost recently from pet food direct because its free shipping AND if you sign up for auto ship you get 15% off and with 5 cats….also I like for the litter- free shipping even though I but the 40 lb bag! Buy 10 bags at once 400 lbs and it shops free!

  11. Coinneach says:

    I buy in-store. It’s faster, and my usual store is right next to where I shop for people noms so it’s not out of the way (and both are on my evening commute route). I’ve tried a couple of delivery options, but they didn’t save money or time; free shipping generally only applies to orders over $x, which may be more than I can afford when it’s time to restock. I also only buy a week’s worth of food at a time so I don’t have to worry about stock rotation.

  12. patricia says:

    wow that’s a big order. i don’t have the money to order cat food in that quantity but i do order online sometimes. i need to do it more often. i’m working on transitioning over to wet food. i do still feed them dry though. what i have found is that if i give them wet food, they are fuller longer. if they just have dry, they snack all day and they gain weight. plus i didn’t know and do not like the idea of dry food sucking all the water out of them. that makes me angry. and it’s something that i wouldn’t have known about if i hadn’t joined “floppycats”. why i assumed that the pet industry would be any better than the human food industry is beyond me now. if i order cat food online, i usually come here to see what is advertised and “liked” by charlie and trigg, then i go to amazon and then to the site itself for the particular food to see which is cheaper, look at the pet stores online and then check walmart.. sometimes they have the best price, sometimes not. i look for coupons too. i shop online a lot. for all the reasons you said. i don’t have to drive, i can often get free shipping.. which i love and often i get a better price. the only downside for me is i don’t buy enough to last. then i end up running to the store. my cats are loving “iams” wet, of course they love “fancy feast”.. that stuff is like gourmet.. haha, i have tried the freeze dried stuff and they liked it initially and then wouldn’t eat it again. they would lick up the juice and leave the rest. they like the “wellness” brand too. i think there are huge benefits to buying online though. saves time, stress and money.

    • Jenny says:

      Patricia, thanks for commenting and sharing! it’s funny that you say you don’t have the money to order in that quantity – i don’t have the money not too! when i order in this quantity the cans are about $1/can compared to $3.49 plus tax a can in our local store – so I save much more by ordering this way.

  13. ChristyB says:

    I buy Prossimo’s food primarily online. He eats whole prey raw so my choices are sourcing the critters or raising them myself. Since I haven’t crossed over that particular line of crazy of the latter I source them!

    The two places that I’ve purchased are Layne Labs and Rodent Pro. Rodent Pro instituted amazing shipping deals so they’ve been my primary source.

    My last order consisted of:

    100 large pinkie mice (these are tiny so he’ll eat about 25 at a time)
    200 dark weanling mice
    200 extra small chickens
    50 1 week old quail

    The cost was $125.60 plus $30 shipping.

    I purchase the bulk of Yoda’s (the dog) food from a small meat processor. From him I also get adult quail and 1# rabbit (no head, no fur, no intestines). I ground up the rabbit myself and packaged it in 2oz. portions.

    Once a week Prossimo gets 2oz. rabbit and an adult quail. The other 6 days he would generally eat 3 mice, 3 chickens and 1 baby quail.

    I’ve noticed that about 2x a year he goes on an eating binge for a few weeks so lately he’s been eating 6 mice, 6 chicks and 2 baby quails a day!

    Because the critters he eats are primarily young and raised in captivity I do supplement with Taurine (I just open up a 1,000mg pill and sprinkle in on his meals – 1 capsule lasts about 3 meals) and Omega 3 (one drop per carcass).

    For treats he and Yoda get Dried Anchovies that I buy from an Asian grocery store.

    • Jenny says:

      UGH!! I am so jealous! This is what I want my cats eating!! Remind me, did you have to transition him or did he go for the raw food right away?

      How did you find out about Layne Labs and Rodent Pro? Is there any concern in the raw world about how the rodents are raised, etc? How do you go about storing all that? I would be interested in knowing your whole raw routine – from ordering to giving him food every day – any interest in doing a post about that?

      One of the concerns I have with feeding raw is what you said about Taurine – I would have no IDEA there was deficiency in any of that. How did you figure out the proper/right diet?

      THank you for commenting – but it’s also making me mad at myself that I am still feeding canned!

      • ChristyB says:

        I could certainly do a post if you like.

        Prossimo transitioned SUPER easily. Not all cats are like that. I fostered a 2 year old cat and I would put a microscopic piece of chicken in his meal and he would dig it out before touching the rest!

        I fostered a kitten and of course she went right for it without any issues.

        With Prossimo for his first meal I offered small chunks of meat and that was a no-go. Then I cut up small chunks of meat and put some in with lots of wet kitten food. I used kitten food because I had it and I figured that an adult cat would perceive it as a treat.

        From there I added in frozen raw pellets with the wet kitten food & with each meal, increasing amounts of raw meat. Next was frozen raw pellets with raw meat and finally just raw meat.

        He was 100% transitioned in four days. From what I can tell for cats, that is not typical. I’ve fostered about 16 dogs and their transition is the first meal and we’re off to the races!

        Meats high in Taurine are those that are used a lot (think thighs and heart). When I was feeding chunks of meat I would feed chicken & turkey thighs, pork, beef and dressed quail for bone (you can get them frozen at a specialty grocery store – they are expensive but it’s a very easy, species appropriate way to get their bone needs. When I was feeding this, I cut the quail into about 1oz. pieces). I also fed gizzards, heart, kidney and liver. It was always a fight to get him to eat organ. I’m lazy and it was irritating.

        Actually, I gave him a whole dressed quail early on. He was crazy-cukoo about it. I learned quickly though that dressed quail is too much bone for one meal. Even still I think it’s a quick, albeit expensive, experiment.

        I’ve tried giving him chunks of rabbit, emu, lamb and goat but he will have no part of those. At this point I started feeding 1/2 of a whole quail each day. I fed him a whole quail at one meal and whatever was left was given the next day. The other meals when hunk o’meat.

        To me, feeding whole prey is ideal but more importantly, so much easier and for lazy folks like myself, easy is where it’s at!!

        I bought some frozen rats and mice from PetSmart (they are EXPENSIVE) but I before I spent the money on a shipment of small critters, I wanted to see if he would even eat them.

        I learned that he will NOT eat rat but would mice. I gave him the frozen carcasses outside. He played with them for quite a while (I didn’t want him doing that inside!). Finally, as they started to defrost and when he bit down I think the lightbulb went off “food”! He then ate one and immediately the other.

        I felt comfortable at that point to order mice and I threw in small amounts of chicken & quail. He devoured all of it.

        There are some sources online that I’ve found that list out a cat’s daily Taurine requirement. I also understand that excess Taurine is excreted and there is no harm in ingesting more and since it’s so critical, I err on the side of too much. I also take into account that when reading these sources I suspect they are basing the requirements on an average sized cat and not a 16# one!

        You can join the Yahoo! group “rawcat” for guidance and support. They are a very helpful group of knowledgable people.

        Sure there’s a concern about how the critters are raised but I suspect that’s true for whatever meat makes it into commercial pet food. I like that there’s less “hands” on the food that Yoda and Prossimo eat. Again, I’m lazy and I find that feeding closer to nature, in my experience at least, means stinky mouths, stinky coats, allergies and vet visits in general are things I hear about but don’t spend time dealing with myself – I’ve got ice cream to eat and Housewives of Any City to watch!!

        I found out about Layne Labs and Rodent Pro from the “rawcats” group. Google “reptile food” + “mice” or something similar and you’ll find other options.

        I have a chest freezer in my garage that I got for free (a friend gave me theirs but I see them on Craigslist all the time).

        • Jenny says:

          I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond to all your beautiful information. You make it sound so easy – but it is still quite overwhelming for me. I WANT Charlie and Trigg eating like this, but I want to make sure it’s balanced…but more because it just is, not because of those Yahoo!Groups. I used to belong to rawcat – asked a question once and was treated poorly, so I gave up.

          Wonder if we just followed Prossimo’s diet if that would work? I’m quite lazy, obviously.

          I would love a blog post about this though, so that people don’t have to come here to the comments to read about it, but rather it’s all organized in one post. Are you game? If so, can you email me so we can discuss? I’m thinking something like: “A Real Raw Food Cat Diet: How My Ragdoll Prossimo Eats” or something like that – we can link to his Ragdoll of the Week too.

          Ever since I saw these gorgeous photos of a European Ragdoll breeder feeding her cats like you have described I have felt that’s the way to go in my heart.

          Dementia Boy has told me stories of tying up things (dead mice, liver, etc) on a cat wand toy to get her cats to eat it. I can see this working with Charlie outside.

          • ChristyB says:

            Through my research I’m confident that the diet is balanced. It’s what cats have eaten forever. That being said, the way food is raised may mean that supplements are needed.

            If I were raising chickens in my backyard who were eating grass that I made sure was completely free of chemicals, bugs, mice, etc… and Prossimo caught some chicks, no supplements would be needed.

            Omega 3’s are missing in all of diets because of this. In addition, because I am feeding mostly young / captive critters Taurine may not be at optimum levels. There’s no way to know of course without sending them in for analysis. However, since Taurine is cheap and causes no harm if too much is ingested, I give extra.

            Let’s hear it for the lazy people!! Cats are weird. They may take right to the same diet or they may need a slower introduction. You can’t give up on cats in spite of their noses being turned up at something. It’s taken me nearly a year and a half to get Omega 3 into Prossimo. Only recently has he been willing to eat food on a regular basis with O3.

            One of the reasons I switched to Whole Prey was that Prossimo was uber picky about organs. At first he would gobble up organs but then he got to the point that he would not eat them no matter what. That’s okay in the short term but it’s not a long term solution.

            You can definitely try mice first. If they go for it, I would totally jump on that bandwagon. You may though have to start with frankenprey.

    • Jenny says:

      Ha ha – just went to Rodent Pro’s website and they are in Kansas City tomorrow for a Reptile Show. Not sure I have interest in that, but might go out there to talk to them.

      • ChristyB says:

        Worth a shot! If you are going anyway, might as well buy a bag each of mice, chicken and quail!

        For buying, going to the show doesn’t make sense financially. By the time you pay for gas, parking and your entry ticket you’ve spent almost the same $30 shipping plus I’ve wasted a perfectly good hair day, make-up and a cute outfit!

        Also, I am not a fan of reptiles AT ALL. I would be the screaming ninny that I’m sure reptile aficionados hate!!!

        • ChristyB says:

          I meant to say, “doesn’t make sense financially FOR ME” – for other people it may work out really well. Everyone’s situation is different and I don’t want to come off and “my way is the only way”!!

    • Dementia Boy says:

      I am not worthy in your presence. I should be condemned to a life of beef liver and broccoli, no pastries or sweets of any kind.

      Christy, do the mice come with tails? There’s just something about tails.

      • ChristyB says:

        @Demential Boy, yes tails are included (as are all other parts!).

        I agree the tails are ice but not much different than chicken toes!!

          • Dementia Boy says:

            I guess it’s what you’re used to–chicken feet don’t bother me at all. Well, they must bother me a little because I tried scaring Jolie with one; she just gave me that look of disdain.

            Tails. I might have to throw down the gauntlet–or a chicken foot–to Jenny. If Jenny buys a box of mice, I will, too. Which mice are less icky?

            I sound so sissy-la-la, and I’m not!! I’ve killed and dressed chickens. I’ve killed and dressed snakes. I’ve done a lot of yucky things. But mice…

          • ChristyB says:

            I think they feel just the same – ick!

            I’m liking the “dark weanling mice” because Prossimo eats them all in one shot.

            When I got the largest mice offered by either supplier, he would a lot of the times stop eating when he arrived where a mouse belly button would be so I’d be left with a bit above the hind legs through the tail.

            It was not pleasant plus I would get irritated about the waste of money and feel terrible that a critter gave it’s life to feed my animal and it would not be used.

            To mitigate the latter, I would surreptitiously stand on my balcony and hurl them into the hill behind my condo hoping that the crows or other critters would finish them off and that nobody would see me which would result in a nasty letter from the HOA for throwing mouse parts off of my balcony!!

            I pretty much only have to touch the dark weanlings once (when I packaging them up into meal size bags and if I grab them by their tails they are frozen so not too bad).

            I so hope that Jenny buys them because that will force you to as well and I would SO love to hear your adventures in feeding them!!

          • Dementia Boy says:

            Ran out of reply room.

            Mouse hurling–I can just see the HOA letter for that!! That’s hilarious.

            I don’t want half-eaten mice in a china dish. I wonder if the ferals would eat them, even with Jolie and Izzy’s scent? But this is just speculative as I’m not going to get any until Jenny does.

          • ChristyB says:

            Imagine me pounding a table while I chant loudly, “JEN – NIE”, “JEN – NIE”, “JEN – NIE”!!!!

            If you guys do, I would suggest getting them from PetSmart. It’s about $13 for two but that’s way cheaper than spending $50 and them not eating any!

          • Jenny says:

            OMG OMG – “I would surreptitiously stand on my balcony and hurl them into the hill behind my condo” – dying laughing. I wish I could see that on video. Hilarious. So something I would do.

          • Jenny says:

            ok, what am i buying at petsmart? frozen mice? full grown? i’ll do it.

            btw, sorry for the delay in response.

          • ChristyB says:

            Looks like there was a recall of the mice that PetSmart and PetCo sell due to a report of Salmonella.

            Don’t let that freak you out. Remember, even processed food has had many cases of Salmonella.

            Just wash your hands with soap and water after handling the food just as you would with any other raw meat.

            I learned this past week that we are entering the busy season for mice/rat/chicken/quail food suppliers. As reptiles are coming out of hibernation, they are eating a lot. That means that deals and reasonable shipping is hard to come by.

            I did find that The Big Cheese Rodent Factory has a $25/box shipping still! If money were no object I would say order one of everything except the one day old pinkies. That would be $130 shipped.

            “Small Adults” are what Prossimo has eaten whole without a problem. He has eaten “Jumbo” but 70% of the time he only eats 2/3 of it and I end up with the remaining 1/3 out on my balcony…

            He now likes “Large Pinkies” but that took many, many tries. After turning up his nose at them at least 10x, he now picks them out first!

          • ChristyB says:

            @Jenny, just want to make sure you’ve received the emails I sent.

            I found a place local to you that sells frozen mice individually so you can experiment with two of each size they sell for less than $20!

        • Dementia Boy says:

          There are two insurmountable problems getting mice at Petsmart:

          First, it requires going to Petsmart. I react to Petsmart like Charlie does: I meow loudly.

          Second, the mice would have to be transported in my car. Although I’ve transported dead, dying and injured animals, both domestic and wild, there’s just something about mice.

          I’d rather waste the money on RodentPro, although I don’t think it would be a waste. I think Izzy has been waiting for mice for nearly 17 years. Still, I could give wasted mice–that has sort of a “stoner rodent” sound–to the ferals. Jenny lives in an urban area; she just can’t hurl mice over the fence. HEYHEYHEYHEYHEY.

          I’m getting serious about mice, so will check out the RodentPro website. I order a number of things that are packed with frozen ice bags. The thought of defrosted, bloated mice is not comforting, much ickier than tails.

          • Jenny says:

            dementia boy, have you forgotten about the owls that live in my trees? they wouldn’t mind me hurling mice nor would the animals that wander my yard at night.

            i would also prefer to order from rodentpro rather than deal with petsmart. for some reason i feel like the quality will be better from rodentpro.

            so, christy, i think you’ll have to tell me what my first order should be. does $50 get me to free shipping or something?


          • ChristyB says:

            ***I’m copying what I wrote above (I’m lazy!)***

            I did find that The Big Cheese Rodent Factory has a $25/box shipping still! If money were no object I would say order one of everything except the one day old pinkies. That would be $130 shipped.

            “Small Adults” are what Prossimo has eaten whole without a problem. He has eaten “Jumbo” but 70% of the time he only eats 2/3 of it and I end up with the remaining 1/3 out on my balcony…

            He now likes “Large Pinkies” but that took many, many tries. After turning up his nose at them at least 10x, he now picks them out first!

          • Dementia Boy says:

            Finally looked at Rodent Pro’s site – did they really have to tell me the stage at which the mice eyes opened? (Zen, Jolie and Iz came to me eyes unopened, ears folded.)

            Since Izzy likes to play with and crunch fuzzy toy mice, I’ll have to get . . . extra Xanax. No, that’s not the right answer =) I think I’ll write to Rodent Pro, ask for pictures so I’ll be prepared. No need to tell them that some of Izzy’s mice are magenta; she likes brown furry ones, too. Dry ice is EXPENSIVE!!! Long time since I’ve played with that; I’ll have to come up with a game to play with my neighbor, a game that includes the words “DON’T TOUCH !!!”

            A rule I have is to sample everything that goes in and on my cats. With food, this gives me a sense of texture and mouth feel. Since Jolie and I have similar teeth (few), I can figure out what can be gnawed and shredded. Could I really do this with a mouse? Not if its dead eyes are looking at me!! I have to cowgirl up; this is Nevada, after all.

            Maybe I should go to Petsmart, which I wish didn’t involve going to Petsmart. I’ll drive with my hazard lights on, not stopping for lights, bicyclists, or bikini-clad bimbos.

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