Cat Food Can Dehydrate Your Pet?

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Gourmet Cat TreatsMaybe you are not aware of the fact that feeding a cat the wrong type of cat food regularly can lead to dehydration.

With the massive amount of commercialism that goes into advertising, it may be actually a hindrance in our finding the right kind of food to feed our pet. According to a recent study, it was discovered that cats who eat dry food and drink water only get half of the water that cats who eat wet food.

Shockingly, the cats who consume dry food are chronically dehydrated. What we thought was good dry food to feed our pets, has to be limited and our cat meals should give more emphasis on the wet type of food, like certain gourmet cat treats and cat snacks.

There are a number of pet food manufacturers that supply the kind of cat food that can help prevent dehydration in your feline. All Fromm Family, Oma’s Pride, Rawthentic, and Evanger’s are some of these manufacturers that can offer your pet the wet food that it needs. You may need to find the right cat products that are not tainted with commercialism to prevent dehydration in your pet.

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