Cat Food and Salt

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PawNosh Glass Pet Food Bowls Colors Aqua Celery and Tangerine with Ragdoll Cat and FloppycatsCat Food and Salt

A reader wrote in last week, saying:

“my concern with the raw and canned food list is that they didn’t take into consideration the salt content by both straight salt and sodium selenite. hypertension and kidney failure because of salt and other forms of salt in cat food have about reached an epidemic states.
I will not buy any cat food if it has salt in it. unfortunately manufactures haven’t figured out that there are other forms of selenium that can be put into cat food other than SODIUM selenite. they also don’t need salt to enhance flavor because they don’t taste food like we do.
I would really like to see a list that also includes no salt.
I have lost 2 of my furry family members to hypertension and kidney failure because of salt in cat food . I now will tell anyone who will listen about salt in cat and dog food.
please advise everyone about salt”

I am not a cat food nutrition expert.  But, I do try to keep up with it all.  So I reached out to Susan Thixton of about cat food and salt, to understand it more.  She sent me links to two articles she’s published on the subject and wanted to share in case it might be helpful for you.

Sodium Selenite Cat Food

Have you had any experience with cat food and salt?  If so, please talk about it in the comments below.

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  1. oh lord another thing to worry about with our cats! everything that i feed my cats has sodium selenite in it. it’s just like with us. we have all kinds of foods with high fructose corn syrup. i spent a half hour yesterday trying to find a loaf of bread that was really whole wheat with no high fructose corn syrup in it. they know it’s bad for us but they still put it in there. does anyone know of a cat food that doesn’t have this sodium selenite in it?

  2. My Rag is raw fed and mostly indoors. She has a small amount of sea weed as a supplement, I soak it so it washes the salt out but she still gets the iodine and vit k. I did try growing “cat grass” but the rascal just punched it and lay on it!

    To be honest I had never considered a raw diet, but she was weaned on Raw and her award winning ancestors were all Raw fed, her grandma and mom looked amazing when I met the “family” . She’s 1 year old today, still very much a kitten.

    Her diet? Chicken, offal, pilchards, raw egg and chicken wing tips, oh and a bit of seaweed. It’s hard work to make up the mix, bought a separate freezer just for pet food!

    She has regular vet checks due to her young age and massive growth spurts! I think she’s the only Ragdoll at their practice, they offer free weight and body shape checks. Lulu is massive, biggest of the litter, big parents too. Guess that’s why Jenny posted a clip on how to hold a Rag!

    But back to thread, as salt free as can be, unless she licks my feet on a hot evening!

  3. As I read those articles, it makes me shudder to think of all the bad things that are in pet food. The sodium problem is a big one because of HTN and renal failure, BUT the latest problem with the FDA releasing the pet food manufacturers from being honest with us about exactly what is in our cat’s/dog’s food is even worse. Now they are leaving it up to the State to decide if they will enforce them mandating a “Letter of No Objection” which basically means that they can put a photo of a beautiful fish on the front of the package/can and then put rotting meat and veggies in our beloved pets food. Am almost at the point of trying to cook for them myself and definitely would if I were not unable to stand up for more than 10 minutes at a time to prep it. It is really sad that these pet food companies put the $$$$ in front of our pets’ lives. Now, we are not able to buy their food with any certainty that we are not buying something that will make them sick or even be lethal. God bless Susan Thixton for her untiring work and trying to make them accountable in some way.♥♥♥

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