Cat-Fish Cat Wand Toy on Kickstarter

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Cat-Fish Cat Wand Toy on Kickstarter

Cat-Fish Cat Wand Toy Logo on KickstarterCat-Fish: Verb; To catch or attempt to catch a cat using scaled down (hook-less) fishing tackle.

Cat-Fish is an interactive, fun cat toy that has just launched on Kickstarter – and offers a unique and fun experience for both you and your cat. Fishing rod toys for cats is not a new concept.

However the existing cat wand toys currently available are not really fishing rods! Cat-Fish is different; the rod is a perfectly engineered, fully functional fly fishing rod. Fly fishing rods for cats have never been created for the sole purpose of teasing cats, until now! This is where our product differs from the competition.

The fly rod design is perfect for Cat-Fishing as the fly (lure) can be made to realistically imitate prey in the same way an angler would lure a fish. What’s more the rod is capable (with practice) of casting over 25 feet and with many different casting styles to master (including the under-arm cast which is unique to Cat-Fish) the user has plenty to keep them interested in the product, even in the absence of a cat!

Check out Cat-Fish Cat Wand Toy’s Kickstarter video below.  If you would like to get a Cat-Fish of your very own, be sure to support their Kickstarter campaign here.

Cat-Fish Cat Wand Toy on Kickstarter Road

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Cat-Fish Cat Wand Toy on Kickstarter

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  1. Brilliant and innovative!!! What fun! I’ll go check out their kickstarter campaign for sure….

    Thanks for this great new product idea and info, Jenny!!!!!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  2. Wonderful idea and toy! When Gracie came almost 4 years ago, my husband turned a kid’s fishing pole into a similar cat toy like this one except it is not a fly fishing pole. He used a regular kid’s fishing pole and put a catnip mouse on it. It works great and they love it because he can cast it way out and then when it reels in, because of the clear fishing line, it looks like the mouse is running all by itself. They go crazy over that and know they will do the same with this wonderful new toy. Wish them much success with their new toy production!♥♥♥♥♥

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