Cat Dancer 101 Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy Review

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Cat Dancer 101 Cat Dancer Interactive Cat ToyThe Cat Dancer 101 is probably one of the more popular cat toys on the market as well as one of the most inexpensive!

Floppycats’ reader, Piper, sent us a few e-gift codes so that we could redeem them for this and the Omega Paw bed.  She wanted to know how Charlie and Trigg liked each one.  I thought that was super sweet and generous of Piper!

The Cat Dancer 101 is literally just a piece of wire with paper do-dads on each end – you’ll see what I mean in the final review video below.

I think this is a great little inexpensive toy for the cat lover and his or her cats.  It provides entertainment for humans, exercise for your kitty and an opportunity for you to bond with your kitty.  Win  – win – win!

You can buy the Cat Dancer 101 Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy on Amazon for $3.63.  It has 824 reviews on Amazon, averaging a 4.5 out of 5 stars.  I like those numbers and agree!

Charlie and Trigg immediately liked the Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy, as you can see in the arrival video:

Here is our final review video:

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We received the Cat Dancer for review indirectly from a Floppycats’ reader.  Receiving the free product did not influence this post.


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  1. I have one that I attached a large binder clip to and put it in a drawer inside a cabinet so that it hangs out and Prossimo can play with it on his own. The binder clip is just a weight and prevents it from coming out of the drawer.

    He likes to lay under the cabinet and bat at it whenever he wants.

    I would rate it the best cat toy ever based on the price and the fact that Prossimo never tires of playing with it!

  2. Got one of these in their “Spoiled Rotten Box” and they love it. Use it by alternating it with Da Bird, and they love it. Very good toy! Thanks for the cute video!

  3. Really, you can’t have enough wand toys. Each is a little bit different; they *seem* to exercise different muscles. (Yeah, right, what do I know about exercise? Walk to the refrigerator, retrieve, consume, repeat.)

    I’m using your checkbook stub idea on my cat dancers now, as Izzy can gobble the rolled-up cat dancer paper in five seconds flat. Izzy does the bird chatter when she sees/hears the check stub dancers. Usually she makes a bleating sound–not a squeak, not a meow–when she sees a wand toy. Jolie yawns.

    The only wand toys I won’t have in the house are those with elastic. Izzy pulls them taut, and then BOING!! Straight for the eye.

      1. I lost my funnybone several weeks ago =(. I think Izzy found it and is batting it about under the bed.

    1. Literally as soon as I hit submit it dawned on me to check out the About section while the video was playing on the YouTube page (instead of here).

      The link though is to a pack that is $1.29 but $4.99 shipping.

      There is also a 10-pack for $4.98 w/free shipping, but when I click on it the affiliate link code disappears:
      Ethical Pet Wide Durable Heavy Gauge Plastic Colorful Springs Cat Toy, 10-Pack

      Just wanted to see if you were going to add a new link before I buy so you can get the credit (it may not be worth the hassle for such an inexpensive product though!).

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