Cat Containment Fence: One Reader Shares How He Contains His Ragdoll Cat

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How can I keep my cat in my yard?

Have you ever wanted to take your cats outside in your backyard but didn’t know how to keep your cats from jumping the fence and getting away from you?

Cat Containment Fence One Reader Shares How He Contains His Ragdoll Cat Harry Ragdoll Cat Simon

You might recall a blog post I did the other day about Why I Choose to Let My Cats Outside.  When I shared the link to that post on our Facebook page, many readers weighed in.  One reader, in particular, Harry weighed in a little more by sharing photos of the measures he took to make his backyard a space where his kitties could be safe and contained.  I asked Harry if he would send me the photos to share on the blog as well and lucky for us, he sent them in.

Cat Containment Fence One Reader Shares How He Contains His Ragdoll Cat Harry Ragdoll Cat Simon 4

As you can see in the photos, Harry devised a cat fence topper that turned his fence into a cat containment fence.

Harry writes, “This was easy to do… and cheap too. I used vinyl 36-inch garden fencing and just stapled it up with half-inch staples. Angle brackets on the posts, so it naturally curled down. He can’t climb upside down… yet… lol!

He always climbs to the top of the fence and watches his mortal enemies, the birdies, through the green fencing! He knows he can’t get out but that doesn’t stop him from looking for another way… lol.

We had to Simon-proof the flower garden because he would climb up and over the wooden fence in two leaping bounds. He is purebred Ragdoll and we thought they were ground dwellers. This guy climbs anything he can get his claws into. His muscle strength amazes me. The squirrels, chippies, birds and mice steer clear of the garden. The ones that don’t end up as “cat toys” ☹”

– Harry, Simon and Sadie (our ground dweller)

Cat Containment Fence One Reader Shares How He Contains His Ragdoll Cat Harry Ragdoll Cat Simon 3

Cat Containment Fence One Reader Shares How He Contains His Ragdoll Cat Harry Ragdoll Cat Simon 2

Another reader shared a photo of their yard with the Purrfect Fence.

Do you have a cat containment fence for your kitty?  Help other kitty owners and please share about it in the comments below!

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  1. Wow! Great post, Jenny! So happy Harry came up with a great solution to keep his beautiful Simon boy safe! Brilliant! Also, that Purrfect Fence looks pretty awesome, too!!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle (who is definitely a ground dweller like Harry's Sadie…but our girl only dwells on the indoor floors of our apartment.) 🙂 <3

  2. Oh my goodness! I needed this laugh SOOOO much! Thank you, Harry, for sharing these wonderful photos with us. You have done a beautiful job with your kitty-proof fence to keep your babies safe. It is great that they can go outside without you having to worry about whether Simon is scaling the fence and has escaped. Love that photo of him on his tippy-toes peering over the edge of the fence at his “mortal enemies.” Your photo of Sadie under the tree in the leaves is a beautiful photo also. Thanks for sharing your great kitty-proof fencing with us. Am sure that many folks will go out and make one for their kitties too. ♥♥♥

  3. A few years ago, we decided to build a kitty enclosure because a couple of our cats roamed. We enclosed the back yard with a six-foot-high chain link fence and added chicken wire attachments over the top (like Farley Hobson’s picture, only taller). Our neighbors next door followed suit. We each spent several hundred dollars on this unsightly and basically useless “prison ambiance.” Prior to construction, it was easy to use a riding mower on our large, open lots. Now, it’s a matter of opening and closing gates, trimming and weeding around endless yards of fencing. I’m sorry to say, some cats can do backbends and escape anyway; we watch two neighbor cats’ amazing gyrations every day as they leave and enter their yard and ours. Fortunately, our kitties have grown lazier with age and lost interest in wandering.

  4. We have a digger and a climber. I lined the bottom of the fence with pavers that Rocky can’t move. For Adrian, I used 12 inch shelf brackets on the posts (50) and garden deer fencing. There is 18 inches of the 25lb test deer fence from the top of the fence to the ed of the brackets.

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