Cat Communication

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Our pets communicate in different ways. Trying to understand cat communication will help you bond with your kitty much better.

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Cats Communicate with Their Body:

Cats communicate with their body language and meows, whether they’re looking for attention, need food, feeling scared or indicating it’s time for play. For example, when your cat purrs, it means it is happy and when it hisses it wants to be left alone.  These are the simplest modes of communication that your kitty uses.

Cat Communication with Their Tails:


Cats also tend to communicate a lot with their tails. The way a cat’s tail moves can say a lot about how the cat is feeling. 

For example, if it twirls it from side to side, it indicates hunting and when it thrashes it around it means your kitty is upset (some folks confuse this with a dog’s wagging tail – which is actually quite the opposite!).

Most cats also have the habit of rubbing against their pet owners; this is their way of conveying their acceptance as part of the family. Kitties will also roll back on their backs as a sign of affection. A cat whisperer is someone who has extensive knowledge about cats, their training needs and behavioral patterns.

These people can communicate with cats at an intimate level.  They really come in handy when there are instances when a cat had been abandoned or abused and has therefore stop trusting humans.

A cat whisperer can help cats come out of the trauma and start accepting humans, back as friends. Pet talker forums are places where you can learn about the various ways of communicating with your pets in an effective manner. After a period of time, you will be able to figure out, what the meow of your cat means, quite easily. Here are some great books if you are interested in cat communication:

Do you have any questions about why your kitty does something?  What about any suggestions about the meanings of the strange things kitties do?  Please leave a comment below, if so!

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