Cat Clouds Cat Shelf by the Refined Feline

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Cat Clouds Cat Shelf by the Refined FelineProduct Details
  • 2 large platforms 20" x 10" each
  • Total size 38" wide
  • Shelf supports 70 lbs
  • Heavy duty wall anchors included
  • Powder-coated Steel construction 
  • Wall beam or dry wall installation
Imagine what your home would look like with a few of these fabulous Cat Clouds Cat Shelves. Your pets will be able to stroll up and down the them or use it as a cat perch. They would be so cute and adorable while on top of these. If they are taking a nap or sitting still, they might look like stuffed cat toys on display. 

The Cat Clouds Cat Shelf are metal platforms that are padded with faux sheepskin fabric with magnetic bottoms. The soft and furry fabric can make the shelves into great beds for cats or they can use it as a lounge. If your cat likes cat climbers, they are going to be very happy with the design that you can create with the right or left facing platform. You can make it trail up or cascade down. 2010 Pet Age Award Recipient, the Cat Clouds Cat Shelf by the Refined Feline is functional and will serve to make your home more beautiful.

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