Cat Bowls Reviewed by Floppycats

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

I thought it might be fun to put together a list of the cat bowls we have reviewed for the site – and also see what cat bowls are your favorite and why.  Here is an image of the bowls we have reviewed with a number next to each one.  If you scroll down past the image, there are links to our review for each bowl as well as where to buy, if you’re interested.  I would love to learn more about the cat bowls you use and why, please feel free to share in the comments section below.

Cat Bowls Reviewed by Floppycats

  1. PawNosh Cubby Glass Cat Food and Water BowlReview and Purchase the PawNosh Bowl and save 10% when you use promo code, FLOPPY10.
  2. ModaPet Product Review and Purchase ModaPet Bowls.
  3. Heart Shape Cat Bowl by cat-on – Review and Purchase the Heart Shape Cat Bowl
  4. Loving Pets Fish Bella Bowl for CatsReview and Purchase the Loving Pets Fish Bella Bowl for Cats
  5. Loving Pets Milano BowlsReview and Purchase Loving Pets Milano Bowls
  6. Loving Pets Heart Shaped Bamboo Bowl for CatsReview and Purchase Loving Pets Heart Shaped Bamboo Bowl
  7. Ceramic Cat Bowls Personalized by LG PotterReview and Purchase Ceramic Cat Bowls Personalized by LG Potter
  8. Waggo Dipper BowlsReview and Purchase Waggo Dipper Bowls
  9. Classy Cat DishesReview and Purchase Classy Cat Dishes
  10. FrostyBowlzReview and Purchase FrostyBowlz
  11. Sleepypod Yummy Travel BowlReview and Purchase Sleepypod Yummy Travel Bowl
  12. Neater Feeder Pet BowlReview and Purchase the Neater Feeder Cat Bowl

We have reviewed a few others – but the companies have gone out of business, so I didn’t think it was wise to share those.


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13 thoughts on “Cat Bowls Reviewed by Floppycats

  1. strikersmom says:

    I love Fiestaware in general and have also discovered their fruit bowl, as the perfect size for my babies (I have one elderly domestic shorthair and one Ragdoll teenager). Better quality than what I found in the pet stores, and USA made.

  2. DeidreC says:

    We use Fiestaware fruit bowls for feeding. They are small, shallow, brightly colored bowls made from American made ceramic tableware. They withstand very hot water temps, are chip resistant and do not interfere with whiskers. They are also usually on sale at Macy*s, Kohls etc for about $5.00 a piece.

  3. GeoValRo says:

    So many great bowls! We have a lot but my new favorites are Fiesta fruit bowls. They are shallow (to avoid whisker stress) and just the right size for wet cat food.

  4. Charlene Gabriel says:

    My two cats each have their own #9 bowls. I love them. They are easy to keep clean, the cats can get to them easily and their faces fit in them. I have one ragdoll and 1 himalayan (I especially have to be careful of the kind of bowls I use for him because of his flat little face). Anyway these are the best bowls I’ve ever had. A friend told me about them. They are a little pricy but well worth it. I am hooked on these and so are my cats.

  5. Teresa Reid says:

    What a wonderful review of all the beautiful bowls! Great job Jenny. Know that took a lot of work and really do appreciate it.
    Well, think you probably know our favorite – the beautiful PawNosh bowls. They are truly works of art, each one being hand crafted with it’s own serial # so if anything happens and it breaks, it can then be replaced. I don’t know of many vendors that go that far. The most important thing I love about the bowls is that it is just the right size for cats to eat from. At first I was really worried about them scraping their whiskers, but the whisker issue was an issue at all! No, they just dig right in. Another very important thing that I truly love about the PawNosh bowls is that they are made from recycled glass that doesn’t harbor any bacteria and can be cleaned in a second. I did put them in the dishwasher once, but really there is no need because the food never sticks to them and I just wash them immediately after they eat and they are all sparkling. Even had a neighbor who doesn’t have any animals who wanted that bowl! So funny. Really one of the most top quality items I have seen in a very long time.♥

  6. Babyruffy says:

    I have been using Modapet bowls. They are curved and prevent spillage. They wear well. Still look new. I would like to try Paw Nosh glass ones too but they are a bit pricey for something I have plenty of and do not really need.

  7. Patricia McDermott says:

    i love the “pawnosh” bowls and will get a couple at some point but the other day i was at a thrift shop walking through the vintage glassware and found these candy dishes with feet on them and there just happened to be 3 of them that were alike. they were heavy duty with the diamond cutting on the outside and looked very chic and i picked these up for cat food dishes. they are raised enough to be puuurrrfect and i paid 1.27 a piece for them! i was pretty psyched.

    • Teresa Reid says:

      That is amazing and know they must be beautiful. Would love to see a photo of them. I wanted to do that but was unsure at the ones I saw if they contained lead and didn’t know how to tell since they weren’t marked. Any thoughts, suggestions on how to tell?

  8. Patti Johnson says:

    Wow! Dat’s a lot of bowls, Jenny! lol 🙂

    My favorites would be numbers 1 and 9. Just lurve the beauty of those two bowls. However, I haven’t purchased either as I know my Little Diva (Miss Pink Sugarbelle Fluffybottoms) will not drink from anything other than the really old 2-cup Pyrex measuring cup I have on our dining room table! I have a gorgeous $100+ ceramic cat fountain (that I got on Etsy) stored under my kitchen counter (sigh…). I hoping to re-introduce her to the cat fountain when she’s a bit older. 🙂

    So funny how picky she is on what she will drink from…..

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

    • Teresa Reid says:

      You and me both – I just put my $100 drinking fountain to rest in the cabinet because no one was drinking from it at all. They would go over to it and look at it, but as far as drink from it – nothing! Am like you and think we’ll wait a while and see if it is age related or maybe they will get excited when it comes out again all brand new and totally forgotten. Must be a floppycat thing?

  9. Ernest Paul says:

    Our kitten “Bandit” can comfortably eat from his Bella Bowl. The small size bowl is perfect for cats of all sizes. The rubber trimmed bottom prevents the bowl from sliding when Bandit is vigorously eating.
    Stainless bowl makes daily cleaning a simple chore.I am sold on this product!

    • Ernest Paul says:

      Correction, The extra small bowl is the one. I reviewed. I had incorrectly listed the small Bella Bowl in my review.

  10. Kathie Conover-Perez says:

    I took old bowls and flipped them over, then put my cats’ dishes on top of those so they’re raised. It’s easier on their necks. I just use shallow ceramic bowls since I read ceramic is good for preventing feline acne. Also, cats don’t like anything touching their sensitive whiskers, so shallow bowls help with that issue.

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