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Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

ORE Pet offers a variety of cat bowls in different colors and sizes, and also offers bowls that can be used for either cats or dogs.

ORE Pet Comic Kitty Bowl Set - Black & Gray

ORE Pet’s basic variety of cat bowls is the Comic Kitty Bowl Set, which comes in black and grey as well as blue and green. The bowls are tasteful and humorous, made of melamine, dishwasher safe, and each hold 1 cup worth of food or water. Note: Plastic bowls (melamine is plastic) can cause cat zits – Trigg has a problem with this, but Charlie doesn’t.  So I could use these bowls for Charlie, but not Trigg.

ORE Pet Comic Kitty Bowl Set – Black & Gray $15.98
ORE Pet Comic Kitty Bowl Set – Blue & Green $11.75

ORE Pet Vintage Parisian Bowl - Le Petit Regal

If you prefer ceramic cat bowls, another option is the ORE Pet Vintage Parisian Bowl – Le Petite Regal, which costs $9.99. This bowl is dishwasher safe; it holds two cups of food or water.  There’s another version that has “Le Petit Chasseur” (The Little Hunter) inscribed on it in a stylish font with an accompanying adorable cat image and paw prints.

ORE Pet Yin Yang Bowl

The ORE Pet Yin Yang bowl is yet another excellent option; it is ceramic, dishwasher safe, costs $14.02, and like the Parisian Bowl can hold 2.5 cups of food or water. As its name implies, it displays a yin yang graphic. ORE Pet products are fast establishing themselves as among the very best cat products, and these items tend to have excellent customer reviews.

ORE Pet Shadow Cat Bowl - Dusty Brown

ORE Pet Shadow Cat Bowl – Dusty Brown $6.99

There are a number of other models of food/water bowls available from the ORE Pet company, and if you are interested, you might want to look around at Amazon’s ORE Pet page.

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16 thoughts on “Cat Bowls by ORE Pet

  1. Brenda Pierce says:

    My cats only like wide or flat dishes because they don’t like their whiskers to touch the side of the bowl so I have a hard time finding attractive ones that I like and that they like to eat from I also avoid any plastic because of the acne problem Any suggestions?

    • Ragdoll Mommy says:

      Have you tried glass cat food/water bowls? Depending on what you are using the bowls for ( food or water), I’d suggest a water fountain for water, but for food maybe a glass cat food bowl? Or maybe stainless steel?

      Or you could try a dog water bowl maybe? Have you tried going to Petsmart or Petco to look for bowls that are right for your kitties?

      Hope this was helpful!


  2. Teresa says:

    Those are adorable! We have ceramic and are good for now but wish those melamine cat face dishes came in ceramic. Would get them in a second! Thanks for the good info. So pretty.

  3. Lynn says:

    I have their cat food spoons and love them for dishing out canned food and allows me to avoid using my regular spoons for that chore. I also have their retro placemat that looks like a “Dick & Jane” elementary school reading book. Love their cute products!

  4. Patti Johnson says:

    Very nice. Very lovely. I prefer ceramic over plastic type materials. Stainless steel would be my second choice but is so blah when it comes to appearance.

    We currently have a stainless steel non-skid food bowl that we got at Petco which we use to feed Pink Sugar. Very functional but absolutely no style whatsoever! However, now that we are transitioning to the wet food diet I’m in the market for a new food bowl. After all, a Diva needs a stylish, beautiful bowl for dining! 🙂

    NOTE: I’ve had two of those beautiful Classy Cat raised stoneware dishes, one for wet food and one for water (never hurts to have another water bowl for my baby girl), on my Amazon Wish List for awhile now. I fell in love with them based on your June 2012 review of them. I’m moving them back to the top position on my wish list. 🙂 Love those! Expensive but I think they would be sooo worth it!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

      • Patti Johnson says:

        Hi, Jenny!

        I am enrolled in Swagbucks but I do the MyPoints schtuff more. 🙂

        I get the Amazon giftcards from MyPoints and use them on plus I love the reliability and customer service at Amazon — that’s why I’m such a fan of using Amazon.

        Big hugs!

        Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

        • Jenny says:

          i am crazy into swagbucks and that’s how i get all my amazon cards. i would like to get into others – but haven’t been able to. did you figure out mypoints on your own or did you come across a good tutorial? the couponing board that i frequent had a guide to swagbucks that helped me figure out how to make the most of it without buying stuff.

          • Patti Johnson says:

            That’s how I am with MyPoints crazy for free points. I rarely buy anything from their offers to accumulate points as most of it is stuff I never need. However, over the years I’ve gotten lots of Walmart and Amazon gift cards since 2005. I don’t even remember how I found out about MyPoints. Too long ago. lol 🙂

            I take tons of surveys and free offers to accumulate my points. I’ve accumulated 50,000 plus points since 2008 (and I haven’t even been working that hard at if for the last few years). Lately, I’ve been addicted to Listia for the past few years to get free schtuff that people are putting up for auction. It’s pretty cool, too. I’ve gotten so many cool vintage items that I just lurve from Listia (with free shipping and no out of pocket expense at all)! 🙂

            I’m pretty sure I took a tutorial of some kind from MyPoints to maximize my ability to accumulate points for free. 🙂

            One day, I’ll explore Swagbucks more. I think I actually signed up for Swagbucks about a year ago to get free credits on Listia. lol 🙂

            Have a great day!

            Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

        • Jenny says:

          wait, patti – what is listia? do you have a referral link? i want to sign up – i think!! i have gone to the site, but don’t quite get it.

          also, if you know of the tutorial on my points, i woudl be interested.

          i make about $50 or more a month from swagbucks and i probably don’t do all i could.

          • Patti Johnson says:

            Hi, Jenny!

            Listia is kinda sorta like an e-bay that operates on “credits” (same thing as points really) except you can earn (by doing free offers/surveys) or buy credits (by direct purchase of credits or buy taking an offer that requires you to actually purchase something that rewards you with a specific credit amount) to purchase items up for auction. You can also earn credits by holding your own auctions (to sell schtuff to other Listia users). As you get more involved with Listia you earn badges, experience points and feedback which “up your status” on Listia to assure folks that you are a reliable, valid Listian (and not trying to scam folks for credits). I only will bid on items where people have 99% or 100% feedback scores and lots of experience points. And, I only look at auctions that offer “free shipping” so I don’t have to spend any money. Yay. 🙂

            You have to be careful as some Listia folks will try to scam others (just like on e-bay). Sigh….

            I’ll send you the links via e-mail for Listia & MyPoints (including the tutorial link). Take the tutorials and let me know if you have any questions. I learned everything I needed to know via the tutorials and experience.

            $50 a month! Whoa. I think I need to check out Swagbucks a bit more closely. I don’t earn anywhere near THAT with my activities on MyPoints. Swagbucks may be a much better deal that Mypoints!!!! Again, I only do the free schtuff so I don’t have to spend any money. Perhaps I should be directing my activities to Swagbucks!

            Big hugs!


            NOTE: I’ll send you the links after I feed my sweet hubby as he’s complaining to Pink Sugar that I’m starving him to death right now. lol 🙂 <3

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