Cat Blankets from Mungo & Maud

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What better way to make your Ragdoll kittens, or your adult cats for that matter, feel all cozy and snug than with the most luxurious cat blanket ever produced. It’s all well and good having unique cat furniture, but if your feline buddy doesn’t feel warm and loved there’s a good chance they’ll find somewhere else to sleep.

This is why the completely handmade, Languages Cat Blanket from Mungo & Maud is worth a look. This blanket is made of pure wool with a pretty candy-pink cotton backing. The stitching is all done by hand, making each blanket slightly different to every other one made. Not only would this blanket look perfect in one of your kitties cat window perches, it would also look very at home on your own bed, or the sofa, or even the wall as a piece of artwork.

In fact, you could have this blanket anywhere in the house you want, and if you can’t bear to let go of the ultra-soft texture you can always buy your cat another blanket and keep this one for yourself. The only drawback is that delivery is estimated at 3-4 weeks because they are made to order, but this is a blanket worth waiting for.    


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