Cat Beds Reviews: Urban Paw, Petmate Dogzilla and Petstages Easy Scratch Snuggle and Rest

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Cat Beds Reviews: Urban Paw, Petmate Dogzilla and Petstages Easy Scratch Snuggle and Rest

I so love it when readers report back about products we have reviewed that they decided to purchase and try for their cats. Floppycats’ readers, Sharon, has been kind enough to send me emails about her experiences with products we’ve reviewed and how her cats, Pumpkin and Sundae, like them. I wanted to share with you all, and Sharon said I could!

Urban Paw Luna Cuddler in Sherpa

Cat Bed Reviews Urban Paw

“I just got the Urban Paw Bed a few hours ago…the fluffy one. I wanted to take a couple of pics as soon as I opened the box and put it down. The lighting is not good but about two minutes after I took the bed out and took the tag off of it, Pumpkin jumped in it and was in it for about 1 hour then Sundae came into the room and saw it and jumped in it with her…..the pics are attached. They have been in the bed for about 3 hours now.”

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Petmate Dogzilla Bed

Cat Bed Reviews Dogzilla

Then, Sharon wrote me and said:

“Funny, I was going to email pictures of the girls in the Dogzilla bed. I usually add a blanket in their beds.”

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Buy Petmate Dogzilla Bed

I asked Sharon what their favorite bed was:

Petstages Snuggle Scratch and Rest“As far as favorite beds go, it really depends on the location of the bed and the weather. By far, Pumpkin’s favorite hanging out thing is the round scratcher (I can never think of the name) [Petstages Easy Scratch Snuggle and Rest]…please see the pictures below. Sundae right now has been in the Dogzilla bed day and night. The fluffy Urban bed is in a room now, and I will take it out when it is colder. It was 70 for a while today and this week was pretty good weather-wise. I always add a blanket to everything. Pumpkin also likes the Cat Power Tower (on the second section….I didn’t get the top part where the toy goes). They also go into the Urban cat bed that has the smoother material that I got a lot.

A couple of years ago I got a hammock that Sundae likes a lot as well from Cat Above….the best cat hammock I have seen.

Also, one product that is great is the never miss litterbox…I have three.”

Cat Bed Reviews Karma Products Infinity Scratcher

Urban Paw Jumbo Milo 2-in-1 Cat Bed

I am in the process of collecting more reviews from readers – I want to be able to let manufacturers know that our readers like our reviews.  If you would like to write us and let us know about products we have reviewed that you have purchased, loved or hated, I want to know!  It helps me learn too!

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  1. the only one that i have out of these is the petstages, scratch, snuggle and rest. i have had several of them and my orange tabby LOVES them. he will pick that over anything else even though he barely fits on it. he curls up in a ball just like the calico above and he will stay there all day sometimes. i wish they would make a big one. i have other cat beds and pillows and like sharon said it depends on the time of year mostly. it’s starting to get cold at night and they now will go to their beds that are like a sherpa and they are sleeping with me more… which i love. they keep me warm but i can’t move too much! mine don’t snuggle together.. i wish they did, it’s so cute.

  2. What wonderful reader reviews, Jenny! And…what beautiful kittehs are in all the pictures provided!!! YAY!

    Miss Pink Sugarbelle’s number ONE go to lounger is the Petstages Easy Scratch Snuggle & Rest (such a mouthful!) which we fondly call her Sugar Bowl!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. Agree with everything Patti just said. Think we’ve been through about 8 of the Petstages beds already because Illaria keeps chewing the sides off like a hamster! Silly girl!

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