Cardboard Cat Scratcher for Large Kitties

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Brawny Cat Big Baby ReviewRagdolls, especially males, can become quite large.  Many can be 20 pounds or more. Buying cat window beds, cat window perches, or even sisal cat scratching posts that can stand up to these oversized beauties can be difficult, but Brawny Cat has created a design that will work on many levels.

The Brawny Cat Big Baby is a scratching post, bed, and small storage area all in one.  The oversized scratching area is raised on both ends so your furry friend can relax or scratch the tough cardboard to their heart’s content. The cardboard fibers and catnip that falls down is caught in a small area to keep floors neat and clean.  Since the Big Baby is designed for large cats the surface area is big enough to be enjoyed. Right from the box this Big Baby is enjoyed as the cedar smell fills a room.

As our Floppy Cats review points out the Big Baby serves as groomer, bed, and scratching post for all the cats in the home. Read more about the specific product – read the review and then visit the manufacturer to get one of your very own.

Do you own a Brawny Cat Big Baby or other cat products?  How do they rate as far as performance?

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