Cardboard Cat Scratcher Brawny Cat Sleeky Lounge Arrives for Product Testing

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Cardboard Cat Scratcher Brawny Cat Sleeky LoungeWe got the heads up a few months ago that Brawny Cat was coming out with a more economical option for the cardboard cat scratchers that they sell.  We were excited because we have already product tested the Big Baby and it is one of the best beds for cats that we have come across.

We also introduced them the other day on the blog – The Sleeky Lounge by Brawny Cat – An Excellent Choice For Younger And Small To Mid-Sized Kitties!

The Sleeky Lounge is more compact than the Big Baby or the Big Baby Jr. but still has the same sculpted sides and the raised back – but there’s a bonus to this one – there’s a hole that acts like a handle – so it makes it a cinch to pick up when you are vacuuming, so that you can do it one handed – and you can do it one handed because it is super lightweight.

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We are going to do a full product review on the Sleeky Lounge – after we do the one on the Brawny Cat Big Baby Jr. that is still in the hopper!

Below is a video I captured of Trigg checking out the Loungers when we first took them out of the box:

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