Can You Distinguish Between Your Cats’ Meows?

Can You Distinguish Between Your Cats’ Meows?

Jerri, a reader who lives with three GORGEOUS Ragdolls, wrote me and said, “I was laying in bed last night and a Denali and Stormy were meowing at the other end of the house.  It dawned on me that not only do my cats have very different meows, but that I can tell who it is who based on their meow.  It made me wonder if others with more than one cat could recognize who was meowing just by their “voice”.”

Here’s a video I did years ago of my two Ragdoll cats, Charlie and Trigg and my parents’ two Ragdolls, Caymus and Murphy, meowing.  I can distinguish between all of them and also can identify the type of meow most of the time.   On a similar note, my sister and I play a similar game where we bring a cat up to each other’s ears from behind.  The cat has to be purring and then you have to identify the purr based on hearing alone.

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16 thoughts on “Can You Distinguish Between Your Cats’ Meows?

  1. Elines Acevedo says:

    I can distinguish my sister’s cats meows and Im sure I would remember my Katy girl’s meow if I ever heard it again. I miss her sooo much.

  2. Elines Acevedo says:

    I can easily distinguish my cats’ meows since they are so different. Romy my tortie girl has one of the sweetest meows Ive ever heard. They were heartmelting when she was a kitten, so cute it hurt. They are still super adorable and sweet. Mugi, my black male, in contrast has a very loud, obnoxious, incesant meow that as much as I love him, gets on my nerves sometimes. He has a knack for doing things that annoy me and then making me feel guilty about getting mad at him when I see his cute little face haha When I babysat my aunts cats for a couple months while she was in the states getting surgery, I learned to recognise her cats meows as well. Really, anyone would learn to recognise Tica’s meow since its the weirdest, funniest meow ever. She sounds like wahwahwahwah in a funny high pitch and slightly raspy voice. Triggy’s squeeky toy meow is friggin adorable too!

    • Jenny says:

      ha ha ha – i can totally relate to your issues with Mugi – I feel the same about Charlie – getting annoyed, mad and then guilty. And yes, on Trigg’s meow.

  3. Teresa Reid says:

    Absolutely Yes! Love their sweet, individual distinctive voices. Miss Mari has a tiny little baby voice except when she is bringing a treasure to me and then it is a loud, guttural calling voice right before she drops the toy about 2 feet away. Gracie’s voice is sweet except when she wants me to play when I’m trying to sleep and then she will go into a loud diatribe until I give in. Illaria has a sweet, innocent voice that is always that same tone no matter what. My dear Pumpkin had a kind of calling voice he would use to let me know if I went over 5 minutes before getting his food ready so he could go back outside. Just last night, could have sworn I heard it for a second when I was fixing the girls’ dinner, but then I realized that he is not here anymore.♥♥♥

  4. teddy bear says:

    My Teddy definitely meows I call it talking and he talks a lot. I can tell his meow from my other can and most of the time can tell what he wants, he also has the weirdest grow he sounds like a dog when he does it and he only does it when he is being silly and racing around the house

  5. Patti Johnson says:

    Hi, Jenny! I’m back online finally since returning from my trip to Dallas for my son’s wedding on New Year’s Eve!!! Awesome event and so happy to be back online Floppycatting once again. Whew! Went through some serious withdrawal!!! lol

    Great article! We only have our little darling Miss Pink Sugarbelle and she has three distinct meows: (1) Soft meow which means “Hello! I want you to talk to me and tell me how pretty I am right now. You may pet me, too.” (2) Growly meow which means “I’m in crazy cat mode and need to zoom through the house as fast as possible. Stay out of my way as I’m fierce, fast and dangerous!” (3) Crying meow which means “I’m lonely. Why are you humans sleeping when I want to play?” or “My food bowl is empty, slaves. Feed me!”

    Sometime (rare) she will chortle at the birds she sees from our living room window. When this happens my heart just melts as it is The Cutest Thing Ever!!!!

    Big hugs!!!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  6. Mitsys Mom says:

    All 3 of my Ragdolls have very different meows. I can easily tell them apart by just hearing them. Mitsy, whom we have had since a kitten, has a very loud meow.

    Lilly, one of our 8 year-old rescue Ragdolls, has a very soft and short meow. She almost sounds like a kitten even though she is 8. There are times when she opens her mouth and no sound comes out. It is like she is trying to be quiet. She doesn’t meow much at all.

    Fenway the other 8 year-old rescue, has short meows that sound like a chirp. He meows a lot, especially when he is hungry.

  7. ABarletta says:

    Triggy’s little squeak is just so precious. Melted my heart! Sebbie had a cute meow. “Eh” was his meow. He’d walk away, look back at me and say “eh”. Gracie on the other hand, her meow can wake the dead. She has a real caterwaul. Not pleasant at all! I envy the cute meows of your critters.

  8. plmcat says:

    it’s so funny this came up because i was just thinking about that a couple of nights ago! yes, i can tell all of my cats meows (i have three). i know their purrs too. when i’m asleep and one of my cats comes to sleep with me or get under the covers and i can’t see them, i can hear the purr and know who it is. and they all have very distinctive meows.

  9. Peggy Russell says:

    My silly kitten Calli never meows. She is now 6 months
    Old and she has never uttered a word.
    Is this a common trait of Ragdolls?

    • Jenny says:

      “is this a common trait in Ragdolls?” – if you watch that video I have embedded in this post, then the answer would be no. there are no common traits as i have discovered from having this website. my rags, the reason for this site, didn’t meow until he was an old man. before then hardly a peep.

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