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My name is Cassia, and I’m the very proud & lucky owner of Calvin. He is a 17-month-old blue colorpoint Ragdoll. Let me tell you my story about how I was blessed with Calvin.

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Last year I lost my very beloved Ragdoll, Sebastian. He was almost 18 years old, and I was beyond devastated. Sebastian developed a fast kidney disease that required me to give him IV injections daily at home until he could no longer bare the treatments.

My children and I were crushed to lose him, and although there’s never a replacement, my depression made me realize that we needed another kitten soon.

I immediately started searching online for reputable breeders. This is where I met Bette Willette from

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We chatted for a while and just like that- I got on the waiting list. As excited as I was to get a new kitten, it was really hard to wait the anticipated 6 months!! But I waited patiently.

Well, within 2 weeks I received the MOST amazing Facebook message from a complete stranger, offering me her spot on the waiting list! I asked why she would offer such a gift to a complete stranger.

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She replied that my Facebook posts were so sad and touching after losing my boy, and she wanted to help. A true act of humanity! So, I eagerly accepted her offer!

I found out that she contacted Bette (our breeder), whom she recently adopted her current Ragdoll kitten from, and offered her spot to me. It was a done deal from there!

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Introducing Calvin Blue! I picked up my new baby after just 7 weeks of waiting. This was much better than waiting six months! I cried the moment I held him. Instant love. He slept on my chest and purred on our first night together.

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Calvin is now a bigger and incredibly stunning boy! My husband, two children and I are completely in love. Calvin is FULL of personality. In fact, he thinks he’s a puppy. He fetches, sits and high fives on command, likes to jump in the tub, keeps our family safe from ferocious spiders and ants (lol), and pretty much follows me everywhere. His favorite thing to do is snuggle on the couch when we’re watching tv.

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That is when he’s not busy bird watching, butterfly chasing and enjoying the backyard view of deer, ducks & geese. Calvin loves to “sneak attack” when we’re not looking. He flies out from behind the couch like superman and jumps on his victim! Hahahahaha…. He’s the first face to greet visitors at the door, and proceeds to throw himself on his back and waits for a belly rub.

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I always tell people: “He thinks everyone is here to see him.” 🙂 What can I say? My boy is a total charmer and a mischievous goofball! What’s not to love? He has completed our family and MOST DEFINITELY healed my broken heart. We couldn’t have asked for a better kitten… We adore our Calvin Blue!

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P.S. I named him Calvin after the comic, Calvin & Hobbes. Calvin is a mischievous little boy who befriends his pet stuffed tiger who comes to life).

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  1. Calvin is gorgeous! and what an amazing gift from a stranger to offer you her place on the waiting list.

  2. I have been following Bette for almost 5 years on Facebook. I did visit Bette when I went with a friend to pick up her kitten. I am sure Calvin will be amazing, like Both Bette and Rick. Enjoy your new best Bud……

  3. says:

    Delightful story, beautiful boy!!! ☺♥

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