Caboodle Cardboard Cat Tower – Cat Tree Of A Different Type

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Cats do love spacious and durable places to spot in and play while lounging and hiding in. The Caboodle Corrugated Habitats for Cats are the answer to this common demands of our felines.

Caboodle Cardboard Cat Tower is made with thick, heavy gauge corrugated caboodle. It has three sturdy level condos with playful peek-a-boo holes, customizable interior passageways and contoured grooming edges that are irresistible to most cats.

Caboodle Cardboard Cat Tower

We also know that cats love cardboard for its natural texture that’s why this caboodle cat tower is naturally designed out of pure cardboard materials. Another theory to be considered is that according to research, most newborn kittens are raised in cardboard boxes until they are transported or brought to their new homes in paper carriers, which predisposes them to find comfort in corrugated paper products.

For those cat owners with large cats, don’t worry cause your feline can have this too. Caboodle is made with super strong double wall corrugated and has been enjoyed by kittens, cats, and mature larger breeds.

Additional information: Since Caboodle Cat Tower is made from cardboard materials, you can actually let your child (if you have one) to scribble onto the caboodle but it is best to use washable markers or crayons. Avoid using watercolors or heavy paints as it may fatigue the cardboard. Also, it is best to not puncture, bend or press too hard while coloring or drawing. Be sure to use non toxic art materials. It’s best to decorate your Caboodle after assembly to avoid possible damage.

Caboodle Cardboard Cat Tower

  • Extra Thick Cardboard Supports any Cat!
  • Cats love the texture and feel!
  • The Green Alternative for Pet Furniture!
  • Assembled size 20"x30"x20"
  • Includes 3 free Tumblerz Toys!
Caboodle Cardboard Cat Tower has a price of $32.95 only at CatsPlay.

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