Buddha by the Square Cat Habitat

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Buddha by the Square Cat HabitatEvery cat owner knows that their feline pet just loves to sleep, scratch, and lounge, and this is one of the cat perches on which they can do it all.

You can easily place the Buddha by the Square Cat Habitat at a windowsill, on a wall, or anywhere else that you or your cat prefers. All you have to do is to is attach it with the brackets that are included or you can use wall studs and there is no need to worry about this breaking because this can support up to 40 pounds. 

You can install an number of these cat perches if you have more than one pet or to facilitate them having perches at various heights that they can climb up to using another Buddha or the Itch Step. Choose from either a bamboo or low-pressure laminate deck. The replaceable carpet insert comes in many colors such as mohair orange, mohair green, and white.

Cats will love to have their cat naps, scratching playtime, and when they feel like jumping around in this piece of cat furniture. Imagine how cute a Ragdoll cat would look if were perched on the Buddha by the Square Cat Habitat.

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