Bring Out the Fierce Hunter Within Your Cat

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Undercover Mouse Electronic Cat Toy

All cats love to hunt. It's just a matter of natural instinct to them. Unfortunately, most of us cat owners don't want to wake up to dead rats or birds around the house or yard. Luckily, there's a way for our cats to hone their hunting skills while we retain peace of mind. One of the cat toys that presents a proper solution to this predicament is the Undercover Mouse Electronic Cat Toy, which consists of a yellow nylon cover that the mouse tail pokes out from under. In the middle of the cover, you will find a knob to adjust settings.

This toy features a mouse tail which is set to move at random and has three different settings to determine its speed. As the tail circles the cover it's under, and then stops abruptly to turn around, your cat will take advantage of the thrill of the hunt. You will find your cat in the position to pounce while not once taking his or her eyes off of the tail. This interactive cat toy is a wonderful way to catch up on your alone time while your furry friend is being entertained.

To get the best use out of the Undercover Mouse, use it on a bare floor so that the carpet doesn't slow it down. Don't be surprised if your cat is still playing with this toy after a few months. This product is almost comparable to cat gyms in that it keeps your pet exercising as he or she continues to try to catch that darn mouse.

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