Brawny Cat Sleeky Lounge – Review

Post Published on March 22, 2011 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Charlie on the Sleeky Lounge
Charlie on the Sleeky Lounge

A few months ago Charlie and Trigg were sent the Brawny Cat Sleeky Lounge for product testing.  In fact, I introduced it on the website at that time.

Brawny Cat is the maker of my favorite big cat lounger, the Big Baby, which we have reviewed previously.

The Sleeky Lounge is the same shape as the Big Baby, but it doesn’t come with the cedar wood base and the padlet isn’t reversible. 

Trigg on the Sleeky Lounge
Trigg on the Sleeky Lounge

It is a more economical version than the Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Loungers – yet it has all the sculptured nesting curvatures and back supports.

It even has a “whack” hole where your kitty can stick his paw through and play.   Of course, this “whack” hole also makes for a great handle when you are vacuuming – you can easily move it by grabbing it with one hand and continuing to vaccum with the other.

They currently come in three colors:

  • Lavendar Blend
  • Royal Red
  • Blue/Green Patina

Trigg and Charlie both love this cat scratcher.  We have it in the room where we watch TV and whoever comes in first gets to grab the Sleeky Lounge.

Boots on the Sleeky Lounge
Boots on the Sleeky Lounge

Brawny Cat sent us two, actually, the other one was given to my brother, Spencer for his cat, Boots, to try out, she also enjoyed it immensely.  Although a domestic cat, she is a large kitty in bone structure and therefore needs a bigger cardboard cat scratcher as well as bed to sprawl out on. 

As Boots displays, because this is a sturdy horizontal scratcher it is ideal for marking and face rubbing.

Boots also only had a vertical scratcher at home, so this allowed her to have a horizontal one.  Moreover, her vertical scratcher was made of sisal, so the Brawny Cat Sleeky Lounge allowed her to have a different material (that is unlike my brother’s furniture) to scratch on.

A full photo of the Sleeky Lounge is pictured below, so that you can get an idea of what it is like:

Sleeky Lounge
Sleeky Lounge

It’s usually only $57 through Brawny Cat’s website, but they are having their “End of Winter Sale” – so you can grab it for only $39!

Check out these videos I captured while we were product reviewing it:

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