Brawny Cat Scratch N Slumber Big Baby Jr. Arrives For Product Testing!

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Beds for catsWhen it comes to beds for cats that is also a great cardboard cat scratcher, Brawny Cat has the competition beat.  Have you ever checked out Brawny Cat?  They have some really cool beds.

Currently, these are the beds for cats that they sell:

  • The Big Baby
  • Big Baby Jr.
  • B’ Tweener
  • Sleeky Lounge

Andrew over at Brawny Cat was kind enough to send us their Big Baby, Jr. for Caymus and Murphy, seal mitted Ragdolls, to try out.

The Big Baby Jr. measures 22"W x 23" D x 9" H – Brawny Cat refers to this one as their XL size.

To be fair, Caymus and Murphy had already tried out the Brawny Cat Big Baby that we had already done a product review on a few months back, but they didn’t have one for themselves (they are my parents’ cats and don’t live with me – so they didn’t have a Big Baby in their own home).

Beds for cats

Here is a video I captured of Caymus and Murphy checking out their new bed:

My mom reports that Caymus is using the bed regularly and is usually upside down when she finds him on it.

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