Brawny Cat’s Sleeky Lounge!

Last Updated on September 9, 2021 by Jenny

On Wednesday, we received the Brawny Cat Sleeky Lounge in the mail for product testing and I wanted to introduce it to you because the cats immediately liked it.

Trigg on the Sleeky Lounge
Trigg on the Sleeky Lounge
Sleeky Lounge
Sleeky Lounge

Although I like the hole on the back of it because you can easily pick up the  bed when vacuuming it serves another purpose – it’s a “mischief maker portal” so if a “friend” wants to play but his buddy is relaxing, he can go around to the back and give a little “wake’m up” swat’n.

Cat’s adore the sculptured curvatures of Brawny Cat’s popular Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Loungers beds for cats. Because of the economic times, Brawny Cat decided to add this economical version to their Scratch’n Slumber Series.  It’s only $57 through Brawny Cat’s website. is featuring a giveaway on the Brawny Cat Sleeky Lounge – but HURRY! it ends on January 30th!

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